11-25-2014 Top Ten DVD Releases

It is Thanksgiving time, and as well as celebrating what we are thankful for, we can sit together to watch these ten fresh DVD releases (and an honorable mention) this week!

This Week’s DVD Releases

La Dolce Vita [Criterion Collection]

Jeeves & Wooster: Complete Collection

The P.G. Wodehouse comedy is set in England and New York in the 1920s.

These delightfully daffy adaptations star the two comedy legends at their finest. Containing all four series of the show, this collection follows Bertie from one predicament to the next. Whether he’s fending off the ever-present threat of matrimony, facing the disapproval of his domineering aunts, or even appearing in a Broadway play, Bertie frequently teeters towards disaster. Fortunately, the unflappable Jeeves is always on hand with a clever plan to save Bertie from himself. – Amazon

Golden Globe winner and seven-time Emmy nominee Hugh Laurie plays the bumbling aristocrat, Bertie Wooster, and BAFTA Award nominee Stephen Fry is his trusty valet, Jeeves.

Touch of the Light

Touch of the Light is the amazing true story of HUANG Yu-Siang (who plays himself) and the journey of discovery from his rural village to a prestigious university where he must find his own way among the other, sighted students.

This story contains a blind piano prodigy, and a waitress who dreams of being a dancer. It is a story of passion, determination, and believing in yourself.

Jie chases love and a career in the face of poverty and adversity. Her with Huang unlikely friendship provides inspiration and courage, resulting in a joyous final performance that inspires the heart. This video is in Cantonese, with English subtitles.

The November Man

An old-fashioned action movie, set in scenic European cities, with super spy Pierce Brosnam. There is plenty of vehicular mayhem, gunfire, punchups and explosions. Look for loyalty and betrayal, love found and lost, a child in jeopardy and people to cheer on. The director, Roger Donaldson (“The Bank Job”) has plenty of talent to work with: Pierce Brosnan, a former CIA agent, Luke Bracey (“G.I. Joe: Retaliation”) another CIA agent (an Australian), Olga Kurylenko (“Oblivion”) and Amila Terzimehic.

Masterpiece Mystery: Inspector Lewis [Season Seven]

Tyler Perry’s Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned

Adventure Time: Finn the Human

Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas

Mabel “Madea” Simmons is the moralizing, motor-mouthed senior citizen created and first introduced on stage by Tyler Perry. The compulsive granny is a self-righteous vigilante who can’t help but intervene on the spot whenever she sees an innocent victim being bullied by a sadistic villain.

In A Madea Christmas, the eighth screen adventure in the popular film series, Madea is working as Mrs. Santa Claus in a downtown Atlanta department store. The seasonal job affords the politically-incorrect impersonator an opportunity to shock kids and their ear-covering parents with a profusion of her trademark off-color asides and English-mangling malapropisms.

Nymphomaniac: Volume One & Two [Extended Director’s Cut]

The Giver

The Giver is based on the Lois Lowry best-seller of the same name which won the Newbery Award as America’s best children’s book of 1994. The author approved this adaptation, directed by Phillip Noyce, known for Patriot Games, who tapped fellow Aussie Brenton Thwaites to portray the young hero, Jonas.

Despite being born in the same year and enjoying overlapping enduring careers, Oscar-winners Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges never made a movie together prior to The Giver. Their collaboration proves well worth the wait in The Giver, a haunting, sci-fi adventure set in a deceptive dystopia masquerading as heaven on Earth.

Honorable Mention


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