The Big Bang is Explosively Humorous

Entering the North Coast Repertory Theatre one is presented with a single yellow sheet of paper. On it is a list of some of the songs such as “Free Food and Frontal Nudity” to be sung by Adam, Eve, God, and the Snake, “One Helluva Job” by Mary and Mrs. Gandhi; “The Dating Scene” by Pocahontas and Minnehaha, “Loving Him Is Where I Went Wrong” sung separately by both Eva Braun and Laura Bush, and “A Stain on My Character” vocalized by Monica Lewinsky.

There is an overly long bio of the three principals; composer Jed Feuer (Andrew Ableson), author and lyricist Boyd Graham (Omri Schein) and ivory tickler Albert Aronheim (Steven Withers). On the flip side is a pitch for the new musical, The Big Bang, which features 137 songs, 318 Equity union players, and will run 12 hours. The banner reads, “Welcome to Tonight’s Backers Audition of The Big Bang.

As Jed and Boyd prep the elegant apartment (designed by the talented Marty Burnet) for their guests, Albert fingers the keyboard. For the next hour and change we are regaled with some of the funniest, worst, best, lyrical, atonal songs to be allowed on a stage. Adding to the keyboard are Chris Luessmann’s delightful sound effects. Bonnie Durben’s lighting task involved creating scenes from the Garden of Eden and Egypt to Napoleon’s France and the White House.

Since we’re in an elegant apartment with no costume staff, we are left with the unique talents of costumers Peter Herman and Cindy Kinnard, ably complemented by the props and set dressing of Bonnie Durben. Thus, the apartment itself became the costume department. Drapes, curtains, bar supplies, and much, much more became the costumes. You’ll be surprised how unique tee shirts can be.

The Big Bang, under Rich Simas’s direction is a fast-moving production featuring two extremely talented performers. Hold on to your wallet, these guys know how to con the most cautious of investors. Get a front-row seat, your won’t regret it.

The Big Bang runs through June 22, 2008. In a time of escalating gas prices, get over there quickly, drive slowly, or hitch hike, just give yourself a chance to laugh a lot.


Andrew Ableson, Omri Schein, Steven Withers

Technical Staff

Scenic Design Marty Burnett, Light Design Bonnie Breckenridge, Costume Design Peter Herman, Asst Costume Design Cindy Kinnard, Sound Design Chris Luessmann, Props & Set Dressing Bonnie Durben, SM Elizabeth Stephens, Prod Mgr Aaron Rumley, PA Natashja Kelly, Choreographer Trevor Peringer, Added Musical Staging Rick Simas, Paula Kalustian, Andrew Ableson & Omri Schein

Total Rating: Three Stars

Genre: Musical Comedy

Author: Music Jed Feuer, Book & Lyrics Boyd Graham

Director: Rick Simas

Date Reviewed: May 25, 2008

Dates: Daily thru June 22, 2008

Running Time 78 minutes

Caution Guidance Some adult content

North Coast Repertory Theatre

987 lomas Santa fe Dr., ste. D

Solana Beach, CA 92075

Box Office Phone 858.481.1055