Legends Meet and Clash in Folsom


Two ageing stars get the chance to play on broadway. They would each jump at the chance, except for one small issue – they have to be on stage together, and they hate each other with a passion.

The agent trying to organize the players, the venue and the funding is a con-man, if ever there was one. He knows the situation between the actors and comes up with a scheme to get them involved, invoking the name of Paul Newman to get them interested. It is apparent be can’t afford bigger stars, and that he needs them as much as they need him.

Through a series of unfolding deceptions, he works his way into their lives, making for an interesting, funny story that draws the audience in.

And speaking of drawing the audience in, a very surprising turn of events related to a wedding party that is called off, results in gasps and squeals from the audience. I’m not going to spoil it by telling you what it is about, but this is definitely worth coming out for.

The acting queens, each keen to maintain the appearance of independence and affluence, almost pass up the chance for salvation, destroying a friend’s New York apartment in the process.

Legends is great entertainment, an interesting and engaging comedy that is fun and funny. Great performances from the StageNine actors, great set design, great direction by Allen Schmeltz, a great production worth seeing.

The show is highly recommended for adults and mature teens, because there are, as they say on the TV, “adult themes.”

“Legends,” a comedy about big stars and bigger egos

The “LEGENDS” Cast

Connie Mockenhaupt (Silvia Glenn)

Mary Young (Leatrice Monsee)

Sandra McCord (Aretha Thomas)

Jason Titus (Martin Klemmer)

Sean Ross (Boom-Boom)

Sean Mitchell (Policeman)


Allen Schmeltz

James Kirkwood, author of “Legends” also penned “Chorus Line.” In his book, “Diary of a mad playwright,” Kirkwood talks about his “adventures” with Mary Martin and Crol Channing, the original players of the two legend actress parts.

All shows play on Friday and Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 4pm. Although seats are often available at the door, it is better to book early.

After Sunday 29th June, Legends has a two week hiatus, while they play the Folsom Gaslight Theatre Melodrama, which is sure to be a hit. After the two weeks, Legends returns from Friday July 18th through Sunday August 10.

Stage Nine in Historic Folsom just keeps getting better and better.

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