Arte y Pureza Flamenco Company from Spain presents ‘Maestria’

The Seville based Flamenco Company Arte y Pureza (Art and Purity) makes its New York debut October 10, 2007 with its presentation of “Maestria” at Tribeca Performing Arts Center, 199 Chambers Street. Hailed by critics as “fierce and triumphant,” the company is Spain’s leading preserver of traditional, pure flamenco from the gypsy neighborhoods of Andalucia. Its raw emotion brings audiences to their feet.

A sold-out 2006 USA tour prompted a return engagement tour this year, with performances in Santa Cruz September 21, Berkeley September 22, San Francisco September 23, Portland (OR) September 26, Los Angeles September 29, San Diego September 30, Ann Arbor (MI) October 2, and Pittsburgh October 5.

Miguel Pena Vargas El Funi.
Miguel Pena Vargas El Funi. Photo by Ethan Margolis.

The company returns this year with seven members led by the legendary singer-dancer Miguel Pena Vargas “El Funi.” El Funi is a true legend of flamenco. With his gallant, rooster-like stance, trademark white scarf and impeccable blue suit, he reminds audiences of a gypsy version of the late bolero singer Ibrahim Ferrer. Elegance, exceptional rhythmic dominance and sheer artistic genius characterize El Funi as he invites his audience to accompany him on an unforgettable journey through Andalucia, Spain.

This performance is an incredible display of improvisation and mastery within the oldest styles of gypsy song and dance. It includes world-renowned singers, dancers and guitarists such as Spain’s 2006 Guitarist of the Year, Antonio Moya, Cihtli Ocampo (dancer in Tony Gatlif’s film “Exils”), Javier Heredia, Gabriel “Pies Plomo” (son of the legendary Jose de la Tomasa), Fabiola Perez and Ethan Margolis.

The show will run Wednesday October 10, 2007 at 8:00 pm at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center, 199 Chambers Street. The performance is presented by Arte y Pureza (

Tickets are $45 orchestra, $36 mezzanine. For tickets, please call the Tribeca Box Office at (212) 220-1460 or visit

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