Where Your Heart Is

It’s night

It’s the season to be jolly

I look at heaven and wonder

wonder how one can be mirthful

in another home

in a different place

with all the sadness I carry around

I look at the velvet sky

and see the Northern lights

dancing high above

high above among the shining stars

I wonder if my loved ones in heaven

who have a piece of my heart

if they too are dancing

dancing on the Northern lights

Or do they use it as a sleigh

where they ride and look down at earth

on the place they once lived

and the people they shared their life with

I wish I could join them for a while

to feel their warmth again

winter heart

The shining stars reminds me of home

of how they lit up the dark night

and made the snowflakes glisten

The snowflakes that had fallen

and become a thick blanket

to protect the fields

and the mountain from the cold

Those fields and that mountain

have a piece of my heart

I look around me

at my loved ones that are still here

My heart fills with joy

because they have a piece

a piece of my heart

My Beloved

my heart is yours

I look at the star-spangled sky

and remember my loved ones

and my childhood home

I feel the presence from them all

all those who have a piece of my heart

because they have a special place

a special place deep inside me

So how can I not be jolly

with all this love that I carry around

because home is where your heart is

And home is a place

a place filled

filled with love and peace