What is love?

What is love…

This little word, only four letters long,

yet so powerful

You can’t touch it because it’s not a physical thing

yet you know it exists

But what is love…

Is it love when you think of your dead mother

and you can hear inside you what she would have said if she could…

Is it love if you do things that you know she would have loved…

You never know what little thing will turn your feelings in motion

when someone close to you has died

These little things can be

a commercial,

a picture,

a memory,

a fruit,

a movie,

a treadmill

Yes you never know which thing will make you blue

when someone you cared about is gone forever

In loving memory of AnnaLisa Johansson.

Is it love or grief when your eyes get teary by these small things…

Things that mean nothing to others but the world to you

Maybe it’s grief since you lost someone

Or is it love you’re feeling

since these little things make you feel so much….

I try to believe that everything happens for a reason

but that’s difficult at times

Because I can’t understand why my mother had to die all of a sudden

It felt like my world turned upside down

I was left alone with all the feelings

Feelings that make you feel too much

Once in a while it feels like a storm is going on inside my heart

I thank God that he sent me an angel to help me get through this

An angel that my mother met briefly before she went to heaven

I believe that angels comes in different shapes

Like a cat purring in your lap

Or a friend who spends time with you

Or just a feeling of peace inside you

But what is love…

I believe angels are love

So maybe love actually is a physical thing

Or is it just a feeling…

Who knows…

But I do know that angels are both visible and invisible

You never know where angels are

If someone will turn up next to you when you least expect it

Or if it just flies above your head right at this moment

to protect you from all the danger

Although love is a wonderful thing it also hurts…

Soon it’s Holiday season and it will hurt when I see all the Christmas lights,

because that was the last thing I talked with my mother about

I miss you mom…