To Me They Are All The Same


What shall one do

when one’s heart is full of sadness…

My mother, our cats, our dogs

Our cows, our heifers, our bulls

Our goat, our sheep, our ducks

Our rabbits, our guniea pigs, our budgies

Our fish, our hens, our roosters

All these creatures have come and gone

during the years I spent here on earth

I loved them all

That’s why my heart is full of sadness


My cat was the last one to leave me

He left me for a better place

I miss him

I miss them all

I miss them so much it hurts inside

It can be anything that reminds me of them

like the summer landscape

Now they are all gone

It hurts

Lots of people don’t understand

how one can feel bad when a pet has died

They say it is just a pet

But they are wrong, it is not just a pet

It’s a family member, a close friend


What’s even harder for people to understand

is when you cry over a cow

To me they are all the same

A cow, a cat, a bull, a heifer

A budgie, a goat, a rabbit, a chicken

A dog, a duck, a guinea pig, a fish

I make no difference

To me they are all family members

Lane o Romeo

I wish that all people could open their eyes and see

See that the eyes of a bull

are just as beautiful as the eyes of a dog

But maybe people are afraid,

afraid to look into the eyes of a bull

Because then they would see that they have a soul

That they want to live and not become food

I hope that one day people wake up

and realize what they are doing to the animals

Chewie o San

In the meantime I let the cat I have left console me

I know she will help me to live

Help me to live with all the grief I carry in my heart

I use to look into her beautiful eyes

Then she blinks and so do I

I can tell by her look that she understands me

because we’re both grieving

She lost her soul mate

and I lost my beloved friend

She blinks

I blink

We’re connected forever