My Beloved Friend


You were my love

You were my friend

You were my everything

And now you are gone…

gone forever

You have left the earth for a better place

You have moved to the angels now…

to the angels in heaven above

But I am still on earth all alone now

My heart is bleeding but I keep breathing

My emotions are such a mess now…

I don’t think that I can function without you…

I have loved you for over thirteen years

And now you are gone…

gone to another place

A place where you can’t feel any more pain

And that is something that I am so thankful for

but my heart is still bleeding and so it will

for a long time ahead…

You knew me so, so, so well

Although you knew me you kept sending me love

Sending me so much love from your beautiful heart

And your heart was like a deep ocean

A deep ocean of love

A deep ocean of love so pure

A love so perfect

And that love you sent to me

I have been crying because I miss you

I miss you so much

There are no words for what I feel

I will never again hear you breathe

I will never again hear you huff

I will never again hear you bark

I will never again hear you walking around

I will never again hear you sigh

and sigh is a typical noise for a hovawart

Affi…I truly love the sound of your sigh

and now I can’t hear it anymore…

You came into my life when you were around eight weeks old

You were so cute as a puppy

You were so beautiful as a grown up dog

Sadly you had to leave me the year when you turned thirteen

You turned thirteen in March and in June you left me

You left me for a peaceful place

A place where you will have the strength to run again and jump

I don’t think that I ever have seen a dog jump so high as you did


During your lifetime with me we have only been apart for about a month

Other than that we have seen each other every single day

And since I have been used to have you around my life will be so strange now…

Because you are gone now

gone to this other place

A place where you finally can see Tjorven again and all of your other beloved friends

I truly wish that I could go to you, my darlings

I would love to be able to hang around you, my friends

I know that I would enjoy lying on a cloud

On a big nice, soft, white cloud

just to lie there and daydream and sleep

is something that I would love to do

But I am still here…

here on earth

In a place that will be so empty without you…

A place where I no longer can seek comfort in your eyes

I can never again look into your beautiful, kind, big, brown eyes

I will miss our looks between each other

Do you remember how we sometimes just looked at each other?

We just looked in each other’s eyes and then we knew exactly how the other felt

You stood always by my side through good times and bad times

You were always there for me and now you are gone…

I can never again feel your soft fur beneath my fingers

I can never again touch your smooth pads

I can never again see you wag your tail

The life goes on and my heart is bleeding

because you are no longer here with me

But I console myself with that you will forever be in my heart

I will never forget you

And I hope that you at least felt a little bit

a little bit of all the love that I felt for you

Because I felt all the love you gave me

and now I hope that you were able to receive

just some of all the warm feelings that I felt for you and still do…


I will remember all our countless walks

You and I saw many wild animals during our walks

Moose, roe deer, reindeer, fox, birds…

Like that time we saw the eagle when my sis followed us

that big eagle that was flying just above our heads

Or that time when we were really close to a fox

Or all the times when we saw moose

I will remember how happy you became

when you stood in the waterhole during hot summer days

I will remember when we stood on the mountain and looked at the view

I will remember how pleased you became when you rolled in the snow

And I will always remember your wonderful smile

Yes Affi, I have many wonderful memories of you

Memories that I will cherish until the day I die

Because you were my love

You were my friend

You were my everything…