Wonderwall Music is Out of Print, but You can Get the Film on Netflix Still!

If you want it, here it is, you can get it (Wonderwall) on Netflix. Wonderwall was the first Apple Record, but it’s out of print now. That’s the first Apple, not the Second Banana. Good progeny, I might point out. I-Phone 4-S out today with the same level of enthusiasm we saw formerly, such as when The White Album hit the record hops of America (November of 1968).

The restored edition of Wonderwall (on Rhino Entertainment) was reissued in 1998 by its original director, Joe Massot. George Harrison, the original creator of the soundtrack, dug back through the old master tapes, and found a lost track. This is a marvelous pop song, In the First Place (which George produced, played, and sang on) by the Remo Four, which subsequently replaced an Indian track used on the opening credit.

wonderwall jane birkin

Some shapely multi-colored legs against photos of sex symbol Jean Harlow, introduced in an early part of the film, is a good example for you. Another one is a love-making sequence, in a oriental-decked flat, with the trendy (for the times) Jane Birkin and mostly mod looking chap, Iain Quarrier. But it’s George’s Indian music track that clearly tips it up and over on the arty cinematic meter, turned up to 11 and 1/2, as it is.

wonderwall hippie chick

He has lots of peep holes in his brick wall with which to spy on his girlfriend in his dreams, but somehow the film doesn’t make it seem perverted or distasteful. Collins is just a dejected oddball, a bit of a square who doesn’t get what this counter-culture, racy swingin’ London trip (of the late ’60s) is all about. But the dorky prof. is intelligent, and he gradually morphs over to these hipsters’ camp.

wonderwall jb mermaid wonderwall

(Wonderwall Music Side One 1. Microbes, 2. Red Lady Too, 3. Tabla and Pakavaj, 4. In the Park, 5. Drilling a Home, 6. Guru Vandana, 7. Greasy Legs, 8. Ski-ing, 9. Gat Kirwani, 10. Dream Scene, 11. Party Seacombe, Side Two 1. Love Scene, 2. Crying, 3. Cowboy Music, 4. Fantasy Sequins, 5. On the Bed, 6. Glass Box, 7. Wonderwall to Be Here, 8. Singing Om.)

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