‘Tazman’ on The Rise of Stardom

It’s not every day you listen to an up a coming artist and listen to his or her song all the way through. They’re usually (and let’s be honest) wannabes not hitting half the notes they need to because they think they can actually sing instead of undergoing training and actually putting in hard work like the artists they admire and aspire to be like. You listen to Tazman’s range and you say “yes, this guy has got it right,” With a little more push and hard work he could be well on his way…but for now Tazman is well on his way to answer some of our questions! Let’s do this!

Question: Who inspires you most as an artist?

Tazman: As an artist I’d say Souljaboy inspires me most, people say it’s weird but I love what he does, he’s different. For somebody to inspire me I want you to be different from the rest and that’s the only guy doing it for me at the moment, and wiz Khalifa.

Question: Who least inspires you as an artist?

Tazman: I haven’t really got anyone that least inspires me but I feel if you lie a lot about what you do and make songs claiming you shoot and sell drugs all day I guess that what inspires me the least.

Question: What helps you write good lyrics?

Tazman: My life, everything around me. Every day I wake up I got something new to talk about.

Question: What doesn’t help you write good lyrics?

Tazman: Being out, I feel this side tracks me from what I’m try not to do.

Question: What’s your favourite colour?

Tazman: My favourite color is black cause it stands out and I love being bold.

Question: What’s your favourite film?

Tazman: I don’t really have a favourite film but I’d say I love black movies and anything action packed like mission impossible or anything funny.

Question: How did you come up with your pseudonym (name)?

Tazman: Well it started 8 years ago from now when I used to be hyperactive and the only thing that could describe my personality was the Tazmanian devil from the Looney Toons. So one day somebody named me Tazmania and from there it stuck then 2 years later another guy said name yourself Tazman its short and it fits you and from there the name Taz Man stuck with me.

Question: Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

Tazman: I see myself as big as the person who most inspires me.

Question: What relaxes you after a session?

Tazman: Usually a spliff but in most cases playing a couple games of call of duty does the job lol.

Question: How are the fans with you?

Tazman: The fans love me. I love them. I try to make them feel as comfortable as possible with me and for them to love me as a person as well as my stage name.

Question: What are you working on next or is that top secret?

Tazman: I am working on two mix tapes “Bold is beautiful” and “Retro” these will both be out soon.

Question: Would you perform at the Roehampton summer ball?

Tazman: If I had the opportunity to perform at the Roehamption summer ball of course I’d do what I gotta do. So yeah one day I hope I get the chance to perform there.

Latest from the ‘Tazman’ who is the ‘star of the show’ enjoy!

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