Ryan Randal – Scottish Bagpipe Player Hails Fire, Joining Civilians Rock Group

Ryan Randall, who holds the record of playing his bagpipes for 7 hours, has amazed audiences, with real live flames flaring out of the bagpipes. He set the record on Recordsetter.com. During a practice, Ryan played for 17 hours. In the future he plans to play continuously for 24 hours to get into Guinness World of Records.

The young actor-musician, who said it takes a tremendous amount of breath control to play his instrument, got the attention of The Civilians, a rock ‘n roll group, based in Las Vegas, who understand how to innovate their music.

Returning from Scotland recently, and receiving publicity in the Edinburgh Times was just the beginning for Randall. People from around the world have seen him perform as a Street Performer for the last 2 years, at the overpass of Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino.

Ryan will also be part of a reality sizzle reel entitled “Celebrity Reporter,” a new idea for reality television. “I am proud to play bag pipes,” said the young man, who was especially moved when he saw Dan Rather’s NBC Special on JFK – “Where Were You When JFK Got Shot.” The bagpipes ceremony was one that Americans and folks from around the world would not forget.

Randall’s audition to The Civilians, a hot music group that blows most bands away, has received much attention in the music world.

On Sunday March 15th, The Civilians will perform at The St. Patrick’s Day Festival in Henderson Amphitheater.

What distinguishes this group from others, is their experience. Truland, the band leader was inspired by The Clash, Ramones and other groups that borderlined rock music. “Keep your head up and stick together and you’ll get what you want,” Truland said. Other members of the band include Gilbert Estrada on drums, Jeremy Schoonover on base and Jeff Levenworth on rhythm guitar. Their new album will be released in late January of 2014.

You can also catch the Civilians at The Hard Rock Cafe, on the Las Vegas Strip on January 29th. They’ll perform with a number of other bands for a charity event.

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