NAKANAKA: Japanese Art, Music and Dance at DROM

Lale, Kazumi, Nahoko

On Sunday March 29th, began the first in a series of NakaNaka events Matsuri Sawagi at DROM Restaurant and Lounge to showcase high quality, contemporary Japanese art, music and dance. A fusion of traditional Taiko with Middle Eastern and African percussion, a touch of soul and jazz, created a fantastic evening of New York fun and excitement.

Kaoru Watanambe Flute and Taiko drum master

The Belly Dancers combined Oriental and Middle Eastern styles for a unique treat:

Elegance in motion, strikingly beautiful Lale Sayoko can float mellow and seductive like the flute or whirlwind-shake to match the power of Taiko drums and the energy of the crowd.

Lale Sayoko

Mysterious and hypnotic, whenever lovely Nahoko Sugiyama casts a subtle glance, the jingle of coins, or an intense gaze, thundering drumbeats, you cannot help but return a smile.

As Kazumi Kitamura twirls graceful and free, she knows that Belly Dancing offers more than an exotic form of beauty. Besides self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment, overall health benefits include strength and flexibility with an emphasis on core muscles, good posture, cardiovascular health and osteoporosis prevention.

Nahoko Sugiyama

An evening of magic and enchantment, DROM takes pride in guiding audiences on a “fascinating journey on the road across cultures and countries, across many varieties of music, cuisine, liquors and other forms of fine art. In fact, it is a voyage of discovery across international cultures and their artistic expression, each unique in their creativity and yet universal in their themes.” –

Special Guest: Belinda Becker AfroCuban Freestyle

So dine Italian, Calamari, Prosicutto, hot Capicolli, or American, fresh ground Angus beef, Buffalo wings or pizza, perhaps skewered shrimp, chicken or lamb, wine and cheese board or desserts like Baklava, Flan or cheesecake. With varied food and excellent entertainment, see you at DROM soon.

DROM piano lounge presently exhibits Night Photos by George Hirose. 85 Avenue A off 6th Street, (212) 7771157
Performers: Kodo drummers, other drummers and musicians, dancers

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