Music for The Heart

Teddy Kumpel on banjo and singer/songwriter Freddie Stevension

On a crisp, cool, autumn night, the Society Cafe presented a unique evening of musical bliss. Moving, poetic, lyrical Cat Stevens-like Freddie Stevenson played songs for the heart. Accompanied by master guitar and banjo man Teddy Kumpel, their harmony created a beautiful storytelling folk rock atmosphere.

Public Radio 90.7 FUV highlights new emerging artists, and once again we are grateful. Singer songwriter Freddie Stevenson has that personable magic touch, and an audience appreciates original talent with an honest voice whenever they hear it. Likewise, a cool and confident Teddy Kumpel on the six-string banjo made the perfect accent for this melodious duo.

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A special thanks goes out to Mark Meding for adding these artists to the Society Cafe Concert Series, Ridgewood, NJ.

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