Marla Mase Joins the Ranks of True Female Icons!

I can hear SPEAK a comin’….

Hey, everyone! This week we’re not only going to rejoice in the fact that the next Marla Mase album, SPEAK, is about to be released and will make us all extremely excited to be a part of this world, but we are also going to talk about icons. No, not the best in the music world, (because Marla Mase is already at the top of that list), but we’re speaking today about the female icons who literally changed the world.

Feminine power is something that Marla Mase stands for. Her amazing rock opera/album, A Brief Night Out, is what ‘the feminine’ is all about: The desire, attraction, obsession, strength, and the love/hate relationship females have with themselves as they grow and learn. Luckily enough, my words will not fall on deaf ears. Things That Scare Me, the opening track from A Brief Night Out, is already being played on over two hundred stations across the globe, bringing the message of Marla Mase to millions who are looking for complete and absolute hope.

Understanding, strength, love, determination, acceptance – there are a myriad of feelings that we go through on a daily basis while stuck in – let’s face it – a very ‘masculine’ world that runs on war, oil, a hideous economy, and bad decisions. Without the true female presence that has been placed on this earth, our times would be even more troubled than they are now. No, this is not an ‘us vs. them’ conversation, nor is this writer getting involved in the male versus female debate, I am simply here to show you all how incredibly well Marla Mase fits in with the truly iconic women who have made this world a far better place because of their existence.

When it comes to the class and grace of love, there are some women who know what that means. Marla Mase has proven time and time again, through her songs and plays, that she knows how important the heart is, and she absolutely understands its necessity in making life better.

Eva Peron once said: I have one thing that counts, and that is my heart. It burns in my soul, it aches in my flesh, and it ignites my nerves: that is my love for the people and Peron. The love and power of Marla Mase is as deep-seeded as the illustrious Eva. Marla Mase is so open with her fans and her public that there isn’t a part of her that she doesn’t share with the masses.

One of my favorites, the unequaled powerhouse, Jane Austen, said: There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature. And a person lucky enough to be part of a Marla Mase audience receives the same sort of adoration. Marla Mase, too, does nothing half-way.

What about the feelings of society? What about the niche where we’re all supposed to remain in order for the world to see us “correctly?” In this instance, Marla Mase is one who reminds me very much of Madonna. Now, I know there may be some rolling of the eyes at this particular name, but you’re quite wrong. Madonna, like Marla Mase, is a transcendentalist. Both these women are trailblazers and, with that particular job description, wrath is sometimes brought against them. Madonna said: If your joy is derived from what society thinks of you, you’re always going to be disappointed. And those words are beyond true. Too many of us take our place in a cubicle.

Whether it be at work, sitting at a desk we truly can’t stand the sight of, but stay seated in order to achieve a paycheck – or, whether we are locked into a relationship that is not only debilitating but can become like a poison in our souls if we’re not careful – we place ourselves in cubicles all the time.

But there have been women like Marla Mase who worked to tell others, through their words and deeds, that there is very much a way out of the cubicle. There is a way to do what you love and not worry about the repercussions of a slightly tyrannical world.

We’ll begin with writing. When it comes to the power of the pen, Marla Mase has already proven that she is a trendsetter, and that she will join the ranks of the ‘greats’ who have come before. Sappho lived in 570 BC and was one of the first published female writers. Although much of her poetry has been lost, her immense reputation has remained. She was the true leader of women in her day and age, and opened a door for Marla Mase to one day walk through.

There were other writers who changed the world. Hildegard of Bingen was an author and composer who was consulted by Popes, Kings, and all the influential people of her time. St. Teresa of Avila was a mystic and poet who lived through the Spanish inquisition, and her words helped to reform the tradition of Catholicism and steer the religion away from fanaticism. Mary Wollstonecraft wrote the most significant book in the early feminist movement. Her tract, A Vindication of the Rights of Women, laid down a clear practical basis for extending human and political rights to women.

The true pioneer in the struggle for female suffrage, Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” was a bestseller that helped to spotlight the anti-slavery campaign. And, our present-day, J.K. Rowling, whose sales were so high with Harry Potter, she has been credited with leading a revival of reading by children. She wrote the first book as a single mother, struggling to make ends meet, and is now one of most successful self-made women in the world. Yet another, like Marla Mase, who offers hope to the masses. And, of course, the world’s most popular writer – Jane Austen – who wrote at a time when female writers were very rare, helped pave the way for future women. Much like Jane, Marla Mase, with her unclouded thoughts, and her absolute ‘truth’ when she sings, will pave the way for the next generation who needs to be listened to.

Marla Mase also has the incredible gift of being a warrior, at a time when the world completely and utterly needs one. Her name will join the ranks of the illustrious women who worked, fought, and proved they were the best of the best. Cleopatra sought to defend Egypt from the expanding Roman Empire, and in doing so formed relationships with two of Rome’s most powerful leaders. Cleopatra showed the world that love, as well as political alliances, could be had – and that the incredible brain and wiles of a woman could rule a nation.

Much like Marla Mase is with her warrior-like determination, she also reminds this writer of others who proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were inspiration personified. Boudicca was a leader of the Britons, and led several tribes in revolt against the Roman occupation. The beauty, strength, and articulation of Eleanor of Aquitaine, the first Queen of France, influenced the politics of Western Europe through her alliances and influence over her sons. And, no conversation of female warriors would be complete, without mentioning the incredible Joan of Arc who, at the age of just seventeen, successfully led the French to victory.

Worlds were begun, and fought for, by women with strength and perseverance. And, after listening to the songs and words of Marla Mase, it feels as if a huge torch of light has been handed to this incredible performer so that she can lead women, men, and worlds on a path of beauty, passion, and change.

Marla Mase is also the consummate stage actress, reminding this writer of the Hepburn ladies. Katharine Hepburn won four Oscars, and her lifestyle was what society called unconventional for the time. Through her acting, she helped redefine traditional views of women’s role in society. And the stunning Audrey Hepburn defined feminine glamour and dignity, and devoted much of her later years to humanitarian work with UNICEF.

From acting to singing, when it comes to the power of song with Marla Mase, I am reminded of the “First Lady of Blues,” Billie Holiday. Not because Marla Mase’s music is tilted toward that genre, but because of the incredible voice that comes from her when she steps in front of a microphone. Marla Mase can make a crowd stop in their tracks and enter an unknown world, where she envelops them with a passion that hasn’t been seen since the incredible Ms. Holiday took the stage. Billie’s voice was widely considered to be the greatest and most expressive of her time, and the emotional intensity and poignancy of her words have the exact same impact as the striking Marla Mase.

So…you see? Marla Mase is destined to be on all “lists” that are made up of the ‘best of the best’ in all fields of artistic expression and strength. From her incredible warrior-like persona that offers passion and prowess – to her thought-provoking voice and stage ability that will soon draw crowds in by the thousands, Marla Mase bestows it all on the world. It’s as if the gods wanted to create one being who could carry on the work of the women writers, actresses, singers, and leaders of the past, in order to give this world back the hope that we’ve been missing for such a long, long time.

Until Next Time, Everybody.

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