Jillian Ann’s Diary – an Intimate Portrayal of Independent Music

Jillian Ann, web icon, fashion model and Indie musician, has just released what may be the first ‘real’ show designed for Internet distribution entitled “Jillian Ann’s Diary.”

Jillian Ann has gained international acclaim as an independent musician – her last album release generated more than 50 million search requests in 9 months on P2P networks, according to the DCIA. Jillian Ann, who was a feature performer at the 2006 Ultra Music Festival in Miami, sharing the stage with Kevens, the Killers, and Hot Hot Heat, developed Jillian Ann’s Diary as a sort of Video Blog for her fans.

Jillian Ann

The new show is centered on her life and struggle as a New York City based independent musician. “We chose the Internet as a launching platform for the show because it allows visitors to give us their comments and feedback directly,” Jillian Ann said. “The response has been very encouraging.”

Judging by comments left on the Jillian Ann’s Diary Myspace Profile, it looks like this show has some staying power.

“This is so cool! I sat back, watched and loved it, laughed, and think it is just great! Looking forward to seeing more,” Myspace member Shawn Davidson posted.

Myspace member Jacen wrote, “I find the video diary fascinating. You get a real sense of the person behind the music and modeling and the amount of work involved. It’s really amazing to watch the development at this stage of Jillian Ann’s career. When she blows up huge we’ll feel like we are kind of there with her. Kudos!”

Jillian Ann’s team is taking a blanket approach to marketing and distribution. “When we finished the pilot, we decided to get it out to as many people as possible and let it grow organically. It is a true work of art and it allows Jillian Ann’s fans to experience her world in a very authentic way,” stated Luke Archer, Jillian Ann’s Co-Producer and CEO of JustEnough.net. “There is an infectious nature to the show.”

Jillian Ann filmed the first episode herself, as a result you get to see her most private intimate moments intermixed with all the emotional up’s and down’s of forging an independent music career.

You can view Jillian Ann’s diary on JustEnoughTV.com, MSN video, iFilm.com, Vmix.com, uTube.com, ZippyVideos.com and on MySpace at http://www.myspace.com/jillianannsdiary.

In conjunction with the release of the show, Jillian Ann is releasing 3 albums from her back catalog; Beta, Fallen, and Eden.

Jillian Ann’s music is a mixture of soothing girlish vocals with down tempo, trip-hop, ambient and electronic music. However you classify it, her fans can’t get enough. As reported by the FTC, her last official release of six tracks generated over 20 million impressions in the first two weeks alone. Her music has been in the top 20 in the electronic charts on Myspace for the last several months, which has attracted the attention of artists, fans and labels alike.

Jillian Ann has partnered with indie power-duo Stretch the Skies, Inc., and FYE.com for the much anticipated triple-album release.

Jillian’s music is available for download at iTunes and her CD’s are available at Stretch the Skies.

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