Enigmatic Marla Mase Exudes Fearlessness to Stand Tall in The Face of Adversity

By Tom Ski

Marla Mase: An Introduction

There is a Hindu goddess that goes by the name of Kali. This ancient idol shows up in many forms in everyday life, and also has many meanings depending on who you’re speaking with or where their beliefs lie. Kali is the ambassador of eternal energy as well as being the icon that embraces time and change. In her most well-known form, Kali has four arms that each represent a different ‘role’ she plays in life. One of her hands is devoted to the gathering of Divine knowledge, while another stands for the ability to slay the human ego. The third hand announces Kali’s fearlessness in the face of danger, while the fourth offers a blessing to all her followers.

Kali’s hands are always moving – working in the realm of ancient demon-fighting to being the eternal mother who loves nothing more than her children. She is never embarrassed by the mix of sensuality and strength that she shows in absolutely everything she stands for; and, she remains the woman who stole the heart of the god, Shiva, and her expression is one that reminds people of a mighty lioness standing in front of her defenseless cubs – saving them from the harsh realities of hunters and war. Upon speaking with, and researching the amazing number of worlds Marla Mase encompasses, she begins to seem like a strong branch on Kali’s family tree.

Marla Mase has been cited as fearless in reviews and interviews, although she will tell you that it is because of the fear and anxiety that built in her every single day that she ended up choosing her current path. Instead of running into the darkness to escape the fear in the pit of her stomach, Marla is one of the very few who chose to stand tall, face her demons, and walk directly into the fire. Whether you wish to see her as a chameleon or a phoenix that rose from the ashes, or simply a woman who was led by her heart, soul, and strength, Marla Mase certainly falls into the category of a hard-worker with an immense amount of creativity and passion for life.

Growing up in Canarsie, Brooklyn, Marla moved to Tribeca when she was eighteen and hasn’t left the neighborhood since. She holds a Master of Arts degree in writing and performance from NYU, and is raising two children – a much beloved daughter and son. While being a full-time mom, Marla also adds to her resume: event planner, writer, performer, producer, and singer/songwriter based in the heart of New York City. Marla has said that with everything she does she still considers herself to be a writer first: “It all stems from the written word,” she’s been quoted as saying. To prove just that, Marla has written plays, monologues, poems, solo performance pieces, erotica, blogs, and songs which have been performed in venues all around the City. She is known and revered for her ‘knock-down-drag-out’ performance style that offers a rare mix of raw sexuality and brutal honesty that has garnered her amazing reviews and undeniable fan support.

Over the next few weeks we’re going to ‘walk the maze of Mase,’ and discover facts, decipher views, and become exposed to a fantastically addictive personality in the music business, as we focus on Marla’s amazing number of accomplishments and her plans for the future. From her two successful party-planning businesses (Party Poopers and the adult division, Party Swank) through which Marla has created over 2,500 successful theatrical events in the Greater New York City area; to her creative lyrical talent of being able to compose monologues and stories that have led to a rock musical which has already appeared in various cabaret venues – a performance that is pure and extremely ‘real’ that rivals the Broadway rock opera phenomenon, Tommy, which was first released in 1969 by Pete Townshend and The Who. Down these paths we’ll walk as we uncover the inexplicable imagination that lives in the mind of Marla Mase.

Readers will be introduced to the incredible partnership that exists between Marla and Tomas Doncker, an extremely well-known and highly gifted producer and artist. This incredible duo teams up as co-writers on many, many projects where her words are set to his music creating the perfect flow – the perfect chemistry that can only be seen as a miraculous coupling to the people lucky enough to hear the result.

This chemistry was felt on Marla’s debut album titled, A Brief Night Out, which was written and performed by Mase. Backed by her partner Tomas and The BAND, which is a group made up of the most amazing veteran musicians that include the likes of Booker King and Martin Vidnovic, this album has been well-received with fans jumping on board begging for more. BNO is the true story of a somewhat sick-and-tired, middle-aged woman who has her busy hands in a number of worlds including motherhood, having an affair, work, dealing with life, etc. These issues are each set to music offering songs that deal with the ultimate confusion, fear, success, and paranoia that can overcome a human being, and are sung in a raw, realistic voice that is unmatched in the music industry. This sensual album offers singles that deal realistically with, love, passion, war, addiction, and lust, and will literally make listeners ‘feel’ that gritty “downtown” New York City sound sweeping over them.

Enigmatic. Unapologetic. Strong. These are just some of the adjectives to describe Mase. Her very distinctive voice, and the outlook she has on life, will be our focus. Readers will enjoy the labyrinth of dramatic imagery that Marla Mase creates on a daily basis. Like a poet whose generous with their words, Ms. Mase’s music and stories will take you by the hand and lead you on a tour that is, at times, filled with ideas of romance and love straight off the proverbial movie screen; to fear, passion, and reality that will sometimes haul off and punch you in the gut with brutal honesty. Whether love her or hate her, Marla Mase will be the voice inside your head screaming at you to stand tall in the face of adversity, as we walk through every part of her life and career from her dreams to her nightmares, and witness with shock and admiration the mantra that this artist chants as she walks her own path through life: “Break-up. Break-down. Break-through.”

The many hands of Marla Mase are very much like those of Kali. From fearlessness rising out of actual fear; to a Divine knowledge that she infuses into her songs; to the hardworking businesswoman and devoted Mom who lives life on her own terms. She offers a blessing to her devoted fans through her music and her honest conversations – fans who are growing in number and standing by her side. She has already helped to empower women by teaching them that they all have a voice – that no matter what their age or where they’re from, they have the ability to stand up and follow their dream. For the male fans, who number more than the women, Marla has unleashed her honesty and sex appeal – her words offering them a better understanding of life…set to some extremely powerful, unforgettable, kick-ass music!

Tom Ski is a master of the great outdoors. You can find Tom fly fishing in Montana, photographing elk and bison, watching birds from a hide or in the long grass, talking about life on his radio show and writing about his adventures at NewsBlaze.