Anthony Wal ‘EP’ Released Exclusively on iTunes!


ANTHONY WAL’s self-titled EP has just been released and it is NOW available exclusively at iTunes stores in 22 countries! After a few delays, the band managed to get a few tracks in order and release them as an EP while working on a bunch of new material that promises to impress with incredibly vivid lyrics and infectious hooks. Wal is really keen on inventing out-of-the-ordinary expressions and he is planning to include many of them in his next CD.

Recently, Wal has been working with long-time friend and music mentor, D.K. Ryu – a phenomenal jazz musician from South Korea who now makes his home in Montreal (QC), Canada. Wal has always been motivated and inspired by his musicianship and attitude towards music. Ryu, a highly respected musician and master in musical theory in the Montreal area, has done a lot of work with various musicians, including a performance at the famous Montreal International Jazz Festival.

Wal is also working closely with Ben Senecal, a Montreal-based DJ and sound man. These best pals have been looking at ideas on adding some exciting sparks to Wal’s live acoustic sets and studio recordings. Senecal, who has years of experience as a DJ, has a private business in Montreal (QC) that specializes in events and music production.

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Keep music and passion alive!


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