AB Money/Platinum Ice Records Light Up Atlanta Radio with ‘Bad Chick Whippin”

Platinum Ice Records co-owner AB Money warmly embraced by the hip hop streets of Atlanta, GA.

Platinum Ice Records co-owner AB Money headed to Atlanta for some production and promotional work, and when he hit the town, the town hit back hard. AB Money was sent to Atlanta by Platinum Ice Records owner and hip-hop legend/Grammy Award winner Easy Mo Bee to oversee some current projects as well as introduce The Bossfather to Atlanta’s hip hop radio community. The buzz is high as Platinum Ice Records artist The Bossfather’s current single “Bad Chick Whippin'” is starting to receive airplay in Atlanta.

Platinum Ice Records

AB hit the clubs and radio hard spreading the word about Platinum Ice Records, 25 time platinum producer Easy Mo Bee and The Bossfather. Not only was AB holding court with NBA superstar LeBron James, but also with the ATL’s most famous artists and DJs as well. DJ HOLIDAY introduced Emperor Sercy and C Styles to the Platinum Ice movement along with TI, DJ Legacy, Kenny Hamilton, Jabberjaws and many more! DJ Red Alert showed mad love by giving AB some co-host air time on his nationally syndicated radio show. “They are going to love these tracks,” said the legendary DJ Holiday.

Platinum Ice Records.

The Bossfather’s hot new tracks, “Bad Chick Whippin'” and “Change the Game” are receiving strong responses and climbing the charts at Atlanta radio stations V103 and HOT 107.9. The Bossfather’s debut album is due out later this year. Along with The Bossfather’s new release, AB hyped upcoming Platinum Ice Records projects from Ms. Quick (produced by Easy Mo Bee), and the joint venture between hip-hop fashion line Sedgwick & Cedar Fashion and their label, Sedgwick & Cedar Records, a division of Platinum Ice Records, to bring to life a film about the history of hip-hop.


Platinum Ice Records will be releasing the soundtrack to the film which features performances by The Bossfather, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, T-Pain, Snoop, Busta Rhymes, Alicia Keys, Wu Tang Clan and others.

ab money

Over the years AB Money has collaborated with current Platinum Ice Records owner Easy Mo Bee on tracks for Miles Davis’ 1992 Grammy album Doo-Bop, Tupac, Notorious BIG, Wu Tang Clan, and with Rappin’ Is Fundamental (AB and Easy Mo Bee’s first group). Now AB and Easy Mo Bee together are bringing the great artists on Platinum Ice Records to the world. With the warm embrace AB received in Atlanta (the heart of hip-hop), Platinum Ice Records and its artists are destined to rise to the top of the radio charts.

Check it all out at www.myspace.com/platinumicerecords and for more info contact Casey Hoban & Tom Simjian at 203-506-0388 and at [email protected]

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