Validation: The Short Film, The Large Need

“Validation” Winner of the Best Narrative Short, Cleveland Int’l Film Festival, the Gen Art Chicago Film Festival, and many others is a short film with a great message. The simple story is about a man on a quest to make others smile. ‘Validation’ takes the viewer on an intelligent 16 minute journey of togetherness, community and simple but profound appreciation for each other.

Each character in the film is relatable and represents a mental place that is familiar to most of us. Many of the characters are seeking simply to be accepted, appreciated, and valued for who they are right in that moment.

The film suggests that the world can seem full of people who feel unappreciated for one thing or another. It gives the example that validating another person can have a ripple effect where the consequences may affect them not just for that one day, but may possibly create a wonderful memory that lasts throughout their lifetime.

The main character’s love interest in the movie is a beautiful woman who never smiles. He tries hard to please her, to give her what it is that she is missing to no avail. Her negativity and sourness affect this wonderful spirit, and he loses his way.

In this negative place in his life, he is offered an opportunity to become optimistic again. Whether he chooses it or not will remain for you to see.

There are many films out there that may take two hours to tell a story that would not have the same impact as this one will in 16 short minutes. I hope all of you watch this video are as touched by it as I am. Giving the best of yourself to others is the greatest reciprocal gift you can give to yourself. Enjoy the laughter, the feeling of your eyes tearing up, the joy, and above all the validation that this film so eloquently expresses. You are wonderful.

Rose M. Garland
Rose M. Garland, a successful graduate from the school of hard knocks, in the US foster care system, writes a daily blog to faithful readers about emotional self-help. As an editor, Rose catches those little slips that writers often make, so readers don't have to!