Third World Euro-Alienation On Screen: Swedish Actress Lena Endre Talks Limbo

Arts Express: Swedish actress Lena Endre phones in to Arts Express Radio from Sweden to talk about her film, Limbo, a dramatic feature exploring the emotional isolation of Scandinavian wives adrift in Trinidad, while their spouses exploit the resources of a Third World nation.

Andre also talks pursuing her craft in Stieg Larsson’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Millennium Trilogy; what it was like being successively directed by iconic ex-spouses Ingmar Bergman and Liv Ulmann; and her creative process entailing ‘to make people cry you have to make them laugh a little bit first, to open the heart.’


Limbo is part of the May inaugural Scandinavian film series airing on Eurocinema On Demand television in the United States. Further information about available channels and program schedules is online at:

Limbo, a Norwegian dramatic feature directed by Arnt Jensen, is the story of housewife and mother Sonia, who arrives with her two children in Trinidad to join her husband Jo, working there as an oil engineer. She is introduced to a homeless class of corporate contractors who have the whole world as their workplace, and their wives, who follow them wherever their contracts take them.

On the surface these women are afforded lives of luxury with large houses and servants. The days are uneventful and blend together into an everlasting holiday, where the women nurse their superficial relationships over cocktails poolside, the perfect climate for self-delusion.

Limbo is a film about love, betrayal and desperation in a country far from home, a self-described coming of age story for grownups. The international cast includes Lena Endre and Australian actor, Bryan Brown (F/X).

Lena Endre had her breakthrough in the Swedish television series Varuhuset and Lorry in the 1980s. Since then she has acted on the big and small screen in both in Sweden and Norway. Endre is well known for her part in the Liv Ullmann film Trolosa (2000). She has appeared in two films by Danish director Simon Staho, Dag och Natt and Himlens Hjarta for which she was nominated as Best Leading Actress at the Swedish film awards, Guldbagge.