The Beaver: A Conversation With Jodie Foster

Arts Express: Jodie Foster In Conversation: The director and star of The Beaver mulls co-star Mel Gibson, celebrity train wrecks, and talking puppets. And in which she plays Mel Gibson’s long suffering wife. While Gibson’s character seeks salvation from the misery of an alcohol-fueled deep funk via the tough love puppet in question, and with seemingly nearly autobiographical relish.


Jodie Foster, like Mel Gibson, is not without substantial controversy in her own life. And we’re not talking when as a ten year old child actor, she was attacked by a lion and briefly carried away in its mouth while filming Disney’s Napoleon And Samantha. or her notorious role as a twelve year old hooker in Martin Scorsese’s classic, Taxi Driver.

It was when Foster was a student at Yale in 1981, that John Hinkley infamously stalked her, and attempted to assassinate then President Ronald Reagan, he claimed to impress Foster. And coincidentally enough, Jodie Foster was enrolled at the time in the film history class of Professor Annette Insdorf, who is currently on location covering the Cannes Film Festival for Arts Express.

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