Mozart’s Sister a Conversation With Director Rene Feret

Arts Express: Mozart’s Sister draws from the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s older sibling. And theorizes that the thwarted musical genius in her own right, simply for being female, may have actually written a number of her younger prodigy brother’s compositions. But Rene Feret’s lyrical biopic also resurrects with solemn reflection that historical period in the 18th century, when creativity flourished as an essential human desire and irrepressible passion, yet was vigorously denied to women. And Maria Anna Mozart (Marie Feret) as the gifted and silenced musician, relegated to the second class shadows of her pampered prankster brother (David Moreau).

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But there are also moments of darkly laced satire, as their mother and father – an early version of that dubious phenomenon, stage parents – drag the children across Europe to recitals like frantic migrants in frocks and petticoats. Also materializing is the notion that but for their gender, uncommon females ‘could have been our brothers.’ Along with the typical celebrity crisis of identity affecting royalty back then, the dazzling creative powers of women feared instead as possible witchcraft, and boys in lipstick.

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Prairie Miller
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