Kristen Luman Of SYFY’s Ghost Mine Discusses The Show And Its Future

Ghost Mine season two contained everything one would expect to see in a Hollywood blockbuster, booby trapped tunnels, secret societies, gorgeous women, and an ending that very easily could have claimed the lives of the entire cast when the mine collapsed as they narrowly escaped its angry clutch. When the credits to the finale aired viewers gazed at their TV screens in disbelief as the clouds of dust and rubble from the mine settled in place sealing the entrance to the mine.

Now that things have settled (both literally and figuratively) from Ghost Mine’s second season, some cast members have been reflecting on their experiences. One of these cast members is Investigator Kristen Luman. Luman has proven herself to be more than just a pretty face on TV, as many of her fellow cast members will attest. When not running for dear life on television she dedicates her time to helping her patients with Hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is a type of psychotherapy that is used to create unconscious changes in a patient in the form of new thoughts, attitudes, behaviors or feelings

kristen luman
Kristen Luman

Russell Dickson: Hi Kristen it is so nice to talk to you again.

Kristen Luman: It is nice to talk to you again too. The last time we talked we couldn’t really speak about season two that much, so when I was thinking up ways to help promote the marathon I thought it would be good to do a couple of articles. It is a good way to get more people to watch the marathon or even after the marathon to get more people interested in a season three.

RD: The season two finale was scary, and just when I thought things would settle down and gear up for a third season we hear the show has not been renewed for a 3rd season.

KL: It is kind of shocking for us, but we haven’t been canceled yet. We just have not been renewed for this season. We were really looking forward to going to the octave mine. There have been talks about actually going anyway, but obviously it would be a little different because SYFY wouldn’t be there. I am not sure how everything works out when you don’t have a network behind you. I am sure Larry the mine owner in Oregon would have us back in a heartbeat.

RD: Do you have any plans to shoot a pilot and shop it around?

KL: That is the thing, people keep asking us if we will go to another network, but we do love SYFY and uh, that is where we started, and I don’t know if SYFY would give us up because our ratings were really good. I think that SYFY may just be going in a different direction with their programming. It might not include paranormal for the time being.

kristen luman with mining equipment
Kristen Luman with mining equipment

RD: I was interviewing Austin Cook of SYFY’s Killer Contact and he thinks that just because a show doesn’t get renewed doesn’t mean it was bad, it just means the network may be going in a different direction with scripted programming like Helix, and Haven. So you are not alone in your belief.

KL: It seems like they are spending a lot more time on science fiction programming instead of paranormal programming. Ghost mine was in the top 50 programs every time we aired. So it wasn’t that we didn’t have the viewers it may just be because they went in a different direction.

RD: So the obvious question is what the heck happened during the finale?

KL: With the end of season two and that cave in I wonder what happened myself. A lot of the miners, and Stan mentioned that he believed it could have been a booby trap. I hate to use the word booby trap because it sounds so childish. For lack of a better word it may have been rigged. People have constantly asked us what we think happened at the end, was it paranormal? Did something cause the cave in? And uh I have been going back and forth with my own thoughts of what happened. The sad thing is that we may never really know because of what happened at the end of the last season with the collapse.

kristen luman in hard hat
Kristen Luman wearing a miner’s hard hat in Ghost Mine

RD: It seems like someone really didn’t want you guys in the mine.

KL: I do think that the masons didn’t want people to go in there. We never quite figured out the story why it collapsed. I think there was something negative back there that they didn’t want us to encounter any more than we did. There was a reason why they held their rituals there and a reason why once we got to a certain point we couldn’t get any further.

RD: It did seem like the Masons might have had roadblocks set up for you guys.

KL: Every time we made progress there would be some kind of hiccup or something that delayed us. Yes it could have been paranormal or it could have been things set up to protect us, which I think the masons would do, or do to keep something from coming out entirely.

RD: Patrick pointed out that the main reason why the Masons might have used the mine for their lodge meetings was because of the fire that destroyed their lodge.

KL: Doing the studies we did and the research we know that there are a lot of reasons why they would have this place deep in the mines.

RD: Do you think maybe they tapped into some dark force in the mountain?

KL: I think they chose that spot for a purpose other than out of necessity. I think they knew something was in there. I think what Stan said about the mine was booby trapped on purpose to protect us and to keep us from going back any further made a lot of sense.

RD: Do you think something wanted to hurt you in the mine?

KL: We all got out, so whatever happened there, it gave us the time and opportunity to leave. So if it was something out to hurt us, we wouldn’t have been given the time to get out. We were lucky, we had a lot of people in the mine and when we were exiting we had to go down ladders and it took us time to get out, and pretty much, as the last person exited the mine, it all came down.

RD: Knowing what I know now from talking to Patrick and Jay about the structural conditions in the mine I am not surprised at all that it collapsed.

KL: The miners warned us that things were a little unstable. So we were always very careful when we were in there, because the place was supported by all that 100 year old timber, that you could literally poke your fingers through, and so that was something that we always had to be aware of.

RD: Jay and Patrick told me that you guys had to warn the camera crew a few times about the danger in the mine.

KL: Yes, there is a camera crew, when you are watching the show you tend to forget that, and when we start running they start running. So we are constantly wondering if the camera crew is too focused on trying to get the shot and not realizing how unsafe the old timber is or the possibility of a cave in.

RD: So now that the second season has ended are you glad to be out of there?

KL: It was an extremely scary experience and to think that we were so close to that kind of danger. I was very excited about going into the mine every time something happened, but every time I got to the back of the mine I wondered if this going to be it, the end of me. People keep asking if it was paranormal, and we don’t really know, but I do see how it could have been rigged to collapse.

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