Eclectic Media PR Successful in Promoting ‘UnFair: Exposing the IRS’

Eclectic Media PR announced their success in playing an integral role promoting the coming soon Theater Phenomenon, “UnFair: Exposing the IRS.”

Americans of all political stripes agree that government abuse of power is distasteful and not acceptable to a free people. The film UNFAIR will make the moral and economic case for ending the Income Tax and abolishing the IRS while ensuring the full funding of our government.

The film will reveal the truth about the abuses of power, the cover ups, and expose the IRS as a blatantly unfair and corrupt entity which is unable to be reformed. This governing body has been implementing selfish clauses and fraudulent claims for so long, it must be abolished.

During this motion picture, the audiences will learn the history of the income tax and understand how we must return to the fair system of taxation designed by our founding fathers that will restore our liberties.

UNFAIR will tell the stories of betrayal, corruption, intimidation and the harsh personal, economic and political realities of forced compliance upon the American way of life. These stories portray the frustration in America with the IRS, as well as present a unique ending that features a real solution, which can put an end to this thievery!

unfair exposing the irs
UnFair: Exposing the IRS

Mr. Bergman, a nationally syndicated radio talk show host, has extensive political campaign and grassroots organization experience at both state and national levels serving as campaign manager, senior staff, or in a consulting role for multiple candidates, including: Five Presidential races, six Gubernatorial races, eight U.S. Senate races, dozens of Congressional races and in numerous state and local races.

Bergman has served as a consultant for national organizations such as Christian Coalition, Focus on the Family and Americans for Prosperity. Prior to his political consulting, he worked as a vice president in banking for several major banks, including Wells Fargo.

Shannon Rose
Shannon Rose is a professional wrestling Ring Announcer, EA Sports MMA Ring Announcer, Hollywood reporter and publicist, and Radio Personality.