Bride Wars Movie Review

In yet another pitiful case of taking the indie out of the filmmaker and dropping him into Hollywood (we’re taking Gary Winick, director of a little gem called Tadpole), you end up with a dreary disaster like Bride Wars. With its unfortunate PG rating hopefully not targeting this bridezillas from hell unintentional horror fare as a training manual for the pint sized female set, the film posits the unseemly notion that next to every self made man, is a selfish made woman.

Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson excel at embarrassing themselves as two lifelong best friends coincidentally planning simultaneous weddings at NY’s posh Plaza Hotel, that end up on the same day as a result of a booking error by the incompetent wedding planner (Candice Bergen). And since the Plaza Hotel happens to have been reconceived after renovations, the original landmark is as reinvented in this sour tale, as the sexy shrews standing in for realistic women on the planet

Bride Wars Movie

This unholy matrimony to die, or rather kill for, malevolent catfight catastrophe in chick flick lite clothing, boasts mean girl pranks to eliminate the competition with mean spirited wedding weapons of mass destruction. Like freaky blue hair dye, a scheming orange skin makeover and a premeditated clutzy dance instructor, while sneaking in a screen orgy celebrating the consumer excesses of matrimonial materialism. Easily an accidental promo for just living together.

20th Century Fox

Rated PG

one star


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