Arts Express: Tommy Lee Jones Demystifies Wild West in The Homesman

The Homesman: Tommy Lee Jones directs, writes and stars in this alternative demystifying western probing prairie fever, manifest destiny, and the manifestation of depressed women and violent men on the plains back then. A commentary.

Luke Perry talks The Beat Beneath My Feet: And something to do with perpetually moving on from his Beverly Hills 90210 persona, his Ohio blue collar steel worker roots, lunchboxes, the LA Freeway, and Perry’s forthcoming movie about God, terrorism, global warming, the apocalypse, and Tommy Chong.


Poetry Corner: Dance Macabre

Revisiting Washington Irving: And what Lancelot Langstaff, Fray Antonio Agapida, Jonathan Oldstyle, Geoffrey Crayon gent, and Diedrich Knickerbocker all have in common, as collective pen names of the iconic and prolific prankster writer. And that Sleepy Hollow scribe most associated with Halloween, who actually never mentioned the holiday in his work. Irving scholar Elizabeth Bradley phones in.

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