Arts Express: Office Politics, Valium Blues, Cannes Reflections

Arts Express: Office Politics: Power, Class And Race; Euro Anti-Diversity at Cannes; Lost Lives At the Terminal Bar

The Screening Room: Last Call. Lost lives from the other side of the bar through the bartender’s eyes. In the Tribeca excerpted short, illuminating snapshots of the Port Authority desolate, desperate and down and out regulars and drifters passed through the seedy, aptly named purgatory of the Times Square Terminal Bar across the decades.

Cannes Reflections, Future Cinema Prospects: Professor Dennis Broe on location in Paris, delves into emerging themes this year connected to Euro anti-diversity and anti-immigration; Tamil Tigers and the Lakota First Nation on screen; Shakespeare snubbed; and out of work journalists for hire on a movie.

Office Politics: Pondering power, class and race on stage and in the toxic workplace. A conversation with playwright Marcy Lovitch.


Poetry Corner: What Memphis Needs, Valium Blues by Alexis Krasilovsky, and a reading by the late African American poet Wanda Coleman. Known in her lifetime as the LA Blueswoman and the unofficial Poet Laureate of LA.

Prairie Miller
Prairie Miller is a New York multimedia journalist online, in print and radio, who reviews movies and conducts in-depth interviews. She can also be heard on WBAI/Pacifica National Radio Network's Arts Express.