Arts Express: Horror Icon Tobin Bell Talks Saw, Slavery And God’s Gargoyles

Dark House:

A conversation with horror genre cult figure, Tobin Bell. Discussing his latest thriller delving into the legacy of slavery, rebellious eminent domain, and generation gaps. And his eclectic dramatic dossier counting FBI agents, sadists, priests and Thomas Jefferson.


What about stuff in our society today, and how capitalism pushes stuff in place of necessities in pursuit of profits, diminishing and devaluing what’s really meaningful in our lives. And a look at the bittersweet dramatic feature Clutter, starring Carol Kane. Touching on the stepchild of consumerism – hoarding – as an expression in this film of abandonment, loss and the emotional meaning of things.

tobin bell
Tobin Bell


Drama Corner:

The Death Of Poe. A production of The Truth podcast – movies for your ears. ‘Darkly funny stories taking you to unexpected places.’

Poetry Corner:

LA wordsmith Amy Uyematsu and Jersey activist poet Sam Friedman read from their work.

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