Arts Express: Good Neighbors, A Conversation With Filmmaker Jacob Tierney

Good Neighbors: Canadian director Jacob Tierney (The Trotsky), who likewise mines political reality for dramatic depth, sheds light on his latest rather chilling history noir, Good Neighbors. Which draws from multicultural tensions up in Montreal surrounding the historic heated Quebec secession referendum back in 1995. This, as a serial killer played by Scott Speedman, stalks the city.

The young filmmaker also explains the rather strange impulse to cast himself as Vladimir Lenin in his last movie, the irreverent political satire The Trotsky, and he’ll be telling us why.


West Side Story And The American Imagination: Misha Berson phones in to Arts Express from Seattle to delve into her new book about this enduring ’50s stage to screen classic. And the multiple hidden meanings and references buried within, linked to both US racism and McCarthyism.

The Seattle Times theater critic also uncovers during this exchange, the modern origins of the concept of the teenager in US society, and the birth of adolescent culture as reflected in West Side Story.

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