Arts Express: Army Vet Turned Filmmaker Sean Mullin Talks Amira & Sam

Amira & Sam: Army vet turned filmmaker Sean Mullin directs this Romeo and Juliet cross-cultural confrontation touching on intolerance, Wall Street predators, Ground Zero, undocumented immigration, and a rarely seen or heard spotlight on Arab women. And, according to Mullin, ‘a country that has lost its mind, with unending warfare, rampant xenophobia and financial deregulation.’ The director and cast phone in.


Silvia Federici: Midnight Notes Collective author and political theoretician Silvia Federici discusses the current horrific student massacres and disappearances in Mexico. How, why, and what is to be done.

Poetry Corner: Literary scholar Paul Strohm is on the line to talk about his book, Chaucer’s Tale: 1386 And The Road To Canterbury. And exactly how the worst year in the iconic poet’s life politically, economically and culturally – produced his most acclaimed and enduring work. Strohm reads from The Canterbury Tales, in both modern and Middle English.

Watch the Amira & Sam trailer:

Prairie Miller
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