Arts Express: Aaron Swartz Doc Prophetic About NSA Scandal

The Internet’s Own Boy – The Story Of Aaron Swartz

This episode is about a remembrance and legacy documentary – the story of Aaron Swartz, the 27 year old online innovator, activist any cyber liberator. Aron was driven to suicide last January by the US government that hounded him and mounted a judicial assault determined to put him in prison for decades for the act of information liberation and freeing of mass access to knowledge online.

I have a conversation with unrepentant hacktivist filmmaker, Brian Knappenberger.

Delving into the late Internet martyr’s legacy and his early prophesy of doom regarding NSA revelations and the surveillance state; the ingredients illuminated in the course of making this documentary, about the unique characteristics of fearlessness and the courage to risk acting on one’s convictions.

These are the things that define exceptional human beings like Aaron Swartz. Also, hear what most surprised and saddened the director about Aaron and his mission to make the world a better place, not make money.


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