Arts Express: A Conversation With Feminist Artist Judy Chicago

Art Corner: Judy Chicago. The unconventional artist phones in to the show to discuss her early works currently on tour and titled, Chicago In LA. Chloe Glickman interviews the feminist icon.

No God, No Master: Anarchism, The Palmer Raids, J. Edgar Hoover and the IWW at the movies. And the resurrecting of the buried history of the US labor movement and mass political struggle during the early 20th century. A conversation about this moral thriller with director Terry Green.


Nymphomaniac, an appraisal:

Along with some scenes from the two films, but Rated R for Radio. And filmmaker Lars von Trier discussing what this work in progress several years ago at Cannes, may or may not have to do with Hitler, heresy, hedonism and existential despair – before being booted from the festival.

And go here for the review.

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