Sexy ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Celeb Teaches VIP’s in Hollywood

One of the world’s top dance stars, Katia Vaz is no ordinary Brazilian champion. Sultry actress, award winning beauty pageant, and award winning fitness model, Katia Vaz didn’t stop there. Born in Brazil, the Latin beauty began dancing at the mere age of two, and went on to conquer the world of dance with a tsunami force, earning a stunning 60 titles as First Place winner in myriads of fierce competitions around the world.

Latin Dance Star and Model

Hailing from the land that has graced the planet with some of the world’s most beautiful women including top models Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima, and Alessandra Ambrosio among others, Brazilian beauty Katia Vaz began her modeling career at age 14.

katia vaz

Katia dominated competitive modeling, winning over 36 beauty pageants, and appearing in numerous print ads world wide. As an actress, Katia became a regular on television in commercials, soap operas, and feature films both in Brazil and across the U.S.

Actress as Seen on Dancing with the Stars

In the world of dance, Katia Vaz has little competition. Beginning her formal professional dance career also at the mere age of 14, Katia has appeared on America’s hit show “Dancing With the Stars,” and many other top shows world wide. Katia has translated the mastery of the art of dance into winning first place time and time again.

Dance: The Universal Language of Love

Unlike many top stars, champion dance star Katia decided early on to give back with her talent, so she began teaching dance, and launched Hollywood’s famed Rio Hot and Dance Latin Studios, having trained all from the new kid off the bus in Hollywood, to the rich and famous. As sweet as can be, and down to Earth, Katia does not discriminate, and believes that dance- the universal language of life and love, should be shared with the world.

Giving Back: Dance Latin

Master of Samba and Salsa styles, Katia’s unique style and approach is like none other. Seamlessly blending Brazilian Samba and Salsa into her own attention getting, sexy explosions of power and delight on the dance floor, this dance champion mesmerizes kids, women, and men alike with clean, yet undeniably sexy performances that are out of this world. Those that are fortunate enough to see her live, shaking those hips and igniting the steam on the dance floor, will find it impossible to take their eyes off of this sultry dance legend, who is also a stunning beauty- with the crowns to prove it.

Miss Carnival; Island Queen

Number One Titleholder in the dance world, Katia Vaz has been Samba Champion for 9 consecutive years, officially known by the Tropical Paradise Republic of Brazil as ‘Miss Carnaval.’ When she is not in front of the camera, hosting, shooting a movie, or teaching adoring students on the the dance floor, her favorite place is high atop the majestic floats of Rio’s famed Carnaval Parades; a true Queen indeed.

An Exclusive Interview with Katia Vaz

Katia Vaz: I was 12 years old, and I dressed up to go to a friends Birth-day Party, and as I walked in the front door all the young handsome guys turned their heads and ran towards me and grabbed my arms left and right to welcome me to the party. I felt like Cinderella.

Her Sexy First Date

Hollywood Sentinel: (laughs) That’s great! What was your first date like?

Katia Vaz: Magical! He took me to dinner on the beach in Brazil, with live Bossa Nova music and covered me with flowers and beautiful surprises all night long. I can’t ever forget my first date, it was the most romantic night of my life!

What a Man Needs to Win Over Katia Vaz

Hollywood Sentinel: Nice. How can a man win you over?

Katia Vaz: He must be super intelligent, funny, a full of sense of humor is a must! He needs to be kind, romantic, thoughtful, patient, honest, genuine, have ambition, and he needs to enjoy fitness, dancing and absolutely have no addictions. And most of all, he needs to be very spiritual.

Hollywood Sentinel: Wow! Do you hear that guys?! (laughs) When did you begin fitness modeling, and how did you get the discipline to work out so often?

Living at the Gym

Katia Vaz: I began Fitness and Modeling at the age of fourteen, however, I started dancing at the age of two, so exercise and dance was always part of my life! I simply love to workout, I could live in the gym easily.

Dancing In Mothers Belly

Hollywood Sentinel: With your figure, it looks like you already do! (laughs) When and why did you learn to dance, and what was the greatest challenge?

Katia Vaz: At the age of two, but in reality I started dancing in my moms belly.

Hollywood Sentinel: Ha Ha Ha! you are so funny, that’s hilarious!

Katia Vaz 2015

Samba Queen Beats 500 Dancers

Katia Vaz: (Laughs) Music and dance was always part of my parents’ lives, so I was a dancer before I was born. And to challenge my self, I decided to compete against over five hundred top notch Samba dancers in Brazil, and I was crowned not just one time, but nine consecutive years as Samba Queen.

Hollywood Sentinel: Awesome! Congratulations. What are some things you love and miss about Brazil?

The Beauty of Brazil

Katia Vaz: There are so many things I love and miss about my country. The culture in Brazil is fantastic; The music, art, dancing, food, and the beaches are gorgeous. And most importantly, I miss my people, family, friends. They are so genuine, kind and very loving human beings.

Hollywood Sentinel: Nice. What made you decide to move to Hollywood, and what things do you love most about Los Angeles?

Loving Los Angeles: Some Like It Hot

Katia Vaz: I moved to Hollywood to pursue my dancing and acting career. I love the weather in Los Angeles, I love the heat, I also love the fact that there are always places to go and things to do in Los Angeles, you can never get bored.

Hollywood Sentinel: Great, I agree. Who are your favorite actors and actresses and why?

From DeNiro to Streep

Katia Vaz: My favorite actors and actresses are Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, and Denzel Washington. They all play very strong and deep characters and they always deliver their characters very well. Also Ben Stiller, because he is a great comedic actor. I love actors that make me laugh. I also love Meryl Streep, Susan Sarandon, and Julia Roberts because they play very strong characters and at the same time, they are very genuine actresses. Also Angelina Jolie, because she plays very dramatic, sexy action roles. And I love her facial expressions when there is no need to talk!

Hollywood Sentinel: Nice. When did you decide you wanted to start acting and why?

Katia Vaz: I started acting in 1998 in Brazil. I have always loved being in front of the camera since a young age, and I simply love to entertain people. I love to make people laugh and to reach their hearts with joy!

Katia’s Dream Director

Hollywood Sentinel: Very nice. Who would be your dream director to work with and why?

Katia Vaz: My dream director to work with would be Steven Spielberg. His imagination is brilliant! He delivers the action in the movies he creates with such amazing creativity and there is always huge surprises from the beginning, to the end of the movie, and I love that! Also Quentin Tarantino. His movies are very deep, in a very good strange way, but he always delivers strong messages in his movies.

Becoming a Positive Person

Hollywood Sentinel: Cool. You are known as a positive person. Did this come naturally or did you have to develop this, and how did you do it?

Katia Vaz: I would say that eighty percent was natural, because I was reminded to have a positive attitude almost all of my life from the most positive human being I have ever known, my beautiful mother. The other twenty percent was from my desire to grow spiritually. I read and continue to read today, motivational books, and listen to self improvement DVD’s, including a lot from Wayne Dyer.

The Purpose of Life

Hollywood Sentinel: That’s awesome. We’ve listened to him here too of course, among many more. What do you consider is the purpose of your life?

Katia Vaz: To be happy, to love unconditionally all of existence, to be forgiving, and be kind. To give and share all of my talents and spiritual knowledge that the beautiful energy called the universe offers me. I could not have a better purpose then to be able to share all of the beauty that was given to me.

How to be Considered to Train with Katia: