Sandra Bullock – Interview with America’s Hottest Sweetheart

She’s been America’s sweetheart of the silver screen for years, always the girl who gets the guy, the queen of the romantic comedy, and in the film with the usual happy ending. But Ms. Bullock got tired of her accomplishments in such roles, quit for years, and returned with a bang, with work that is heavier, edgier, and this year, which won her deservedly the best performance by an actress in a leading role, for the 82nd annual Academy Awards.

The following is an interview with one of Hollywood’s sexiest and most talented stars of our time, backstage after her big win.

Q. I was wondering if you had any advice for students out there, acting students or just people who want to be in the entertainment industry, who want to be in your shoes tonight?

sandra premiere
Sandra Bullock (c) 2010, Premiere / Fortis.

A. Sandra Bullock: Well, don’t aspire to be in these shoes. You know, walk in your own. I mean everyone’s really good at telling everyone else how to live your life or how to be or how to do it. Just don’t listen. My mother beat it into our heads to be original, and I didn’t understand that until later on and just everyone’s unique and that’s what makes people exciting to watch, I think, so just savor what you are and not what everyone else wants you to be.

(…) It’s as I said up on that stage, you know, I questioned did I win it or did I just wear everyone down? It’s if you hang in there the longest, it’s, you know (…) I didn’t aspire to this. I was in awe of it. I admired it. I got to watch it like everyone else did or present, but it wasn’t something that I said, One day when I get the Oscar. (…) No one saw coming. And I think that’s what makes it so overwhelming and unexpected. (…)

Q. Now that you’ve won the Oscar will you think twice about doing a more commercial fun film versus (…) a serious critically acclaimed film?

A. Sandra Bullock: (…) I want to do everything. I’ve always been one of those people that I don’t like when people tell me I can’t do something. Just because (…) I did commercial films doesn’t mean I couldn’t do wonderful small art house films. Just because I won an Oscar, I don’t want to ever stop doing something that makes people laugh. I love making people laugh. I don’t know what I’m going to do next. I sort of wanted this to sort of all die down, but I’m going make mistakes and I’m going to make everyone roll their eyes and I’m going to maybe do something that works, but I just want to keep working in every genre that I’m allowed to until I’m asked to not do it anymore.

Q. Thank you.

A. Sandra Bullock: Thank you.

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