Over Her Dead Body: The Eva Longoria Interview

That flirty and all-natural comedienne Eva Longoria is currently making her leading lady DOA debut as, well, an expired desperate fiance, in Over Her Dead Body. And she’s apparently as funny in her movie as in real life, which was confirmed during this really zany sitdown with the brand new Ms. Tony Parker. Eva wasn’t feeling too great, bundled up in a suspiciously pink baby blanket. But forget about any work-in-progress bundle of joy, no thank you, Eva made it perfectly clear. The kooky conversation also touched on weighing the comparative bitchy-ness of Dead Body’s Kate and Desperate Housewives’ Gabrielle, life with Tony, going for Dead Body as an antidote to all those zombies and blood at the plexes, and eating her way through the writers strike


Are you still feeling sick?

EVA LONGORIA: I am still sick.

That’s a cute blanket.

EL: If this isn’t going to spawn the pregnancy rumors!

Who made your dress?

EL: The dress is Rebecca Taylor.

That looks like the same one your wore yesterday.

EL: Oh, is it? I don’t know what I wore yesterday. You’re probably right. I was freezing and we went down to the gift shop, and they didn’t have any wraps. So I got the blanket. It’s so soft. But why is it so small. They said ‘It’s a baby’s.’

So it’s a girl!

EL: No, no pregnancy. Not yet!

You should have some hot tea or something.

EL: I have been. But I keep drinking tea, and I have to keep going to the bathroom!

I guess this is your first movie that’s all on you.

EL: I know. It’s so funny! I haven’t really carried a movie, I guess. Someone asked me yesterday, how does it feel to carry a movie? I’m like, oh God, now you just scared me! But yeah, it was fun.

I think it’s a nice change in the box office right now, from all the heavy Oscar stuff, all those heavy dramas. And the blood and gore over Christmas. We tried to go to the movies so many times, and it was like Saw IV, and even I am Legend was zombies. I was like, I want something fun that I can lose myself in.

What’s Tony’s taste in movies?

EL: He’s like a huge Alien vs. Predator fan. For the longest time he’s been wanting the statues of the Alien and the Predator! We are building our house in San Antonio and we have a theater. And he wanted the statues for the theater.

Did Tony get his wish fulfilled?

EL: I looked everywhere for them, and I finally found them. So that’s what he got for Christmas. He got the seven foot Alien, and the seven foot Predator. It’s in our house, in the theater. It’s a big theater. They are life size, giant action figures.

The Alien has the drool. Tony was so excited, he opened it for Christmas. I saw them for the first time and I was like, oh my God, that’s so scary! I don’t want that in the house! Now I don’t want them in the house, and I bought them!

So he must owe you a really big Valentine now.

EL: We actually have vowed to not give each other presents on Valentines Day. We’re gonna do gestures, romantic. Like a romantic dinner or…

You have it planned already?

EL: He does. I don’t have anything planned yet.

Okay, so you got him action figures for Christmas. What did he get you?

EL: I have a good husband. He got me high heels and diamonds! He got me Christian Louboutin shoes, and a diamond tennis bracelet. He also got me, which was really sweet, he has three championship rings.

And every time you get a championship ring, they give the wives a championship pendant. It’s the exact replica. So that was probably the best Christmas gift.

What was the big challenge playing this bossy woman in Over Her Dead Body?

EL: Probably my biggest challenge, was differentiating Gabrielle and Kate. I thought a little bit that people might think they are similar in their bitchy-ness. But I thought that Kate was way more justified.

How come?

EL: She lost the man! She dies on her wedding day, lost the man she loved, and she just wasn’t ready to give him up.

Is that what you would do?

EL: I would be the exact same way. I told Tony ‘I would totally haunt you and not move on!’

So you would be jealous?

EL: I would totally not let him move on. I would stick around like, ‘Um, you’re not moving on till I move on! We are in this life, and the afterlife, and the next, next, life!’

What is the craziest thing you’re ever done for love, with Tony or anybody else?

EL: I haven’t really done anything like that, I’ve never been…dead!

How has the writers strike been affecting you?

EL: I’ve actually had a great time, because I’ve been home. Being a newlywed, it’s been fun to be home and married. I’ve been cooking, and eating, and cooking, and eating. I keep telling everybody, I’ve gained like ten pounds just being on strike!

It doesn’t show.

EL: Well, you haven’t seen my butt!

Prairie Miller is a New York multimedia journalist online, in print and radio, who reviews movies and conducts in-depth interviews. She can also be heard on WBAI/Pacifica National Radio Network’s Arts Express.