Kingsley Olaleye Reuben Interviews Shaka Lish

What got you into singing?

A general show off and drama queen, I was just born for the stage! What can I say?

What’s your favorite colour and why?

PINK!!! What else could it be? Not baby doll or Barbie pink. No! It has to be that bright fuchsia, deep pink. All is right with the world when I see this colour.

If you couldn’t be a singer what would be your dream career?

pink box

Erm, no plan B. Okay, okay! At a squeeze, maybe something to do with food… Restaurant? Nah, boring! Singer it is then….

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

In three years? Married, rich, successful and travelling. Recording a new album and maybe planning a mini Lish.

Do you have a role model? If so who are they and why?

I guess my role model would be my great-grandmother. She is the ultimate matriarch. Strong, kind, wise, maternal and regal. What a woman! So much life was given through her and she carries my family. Love her to bits.

Mention 4 words that you feel best describes you

Passionate. Fierce. Loving. Loyal.

Kindle/e-book reader or book? (Which do you prefer)

Oh come on! Who wants to read something on a kindle? Book every time! Feel the paper, turn the pages, smell the mustiness! Second-hand ones are the best!

Do you have a favorite sport? If so what would you like to see become a sport (be creative, it’s an open question lol)

You see I might have said Yoga, but Yoga is not a sport, it’s a philosophy! It’s a pathway to deep, inner illumination and awakening of a higher consciousness. The postures/seats are only the means to find your way to this enlightened state. Hmmm… Maybe not for the Olympics, then!

What (or who) inspires you to write the lyrics to your songs (or do you have a songwriter)?

I write all my own material and I’m inspired to write from all the experiences I have in life. The people I meet, the feelings I have, my view on things. My songs are all snippets of something real, some observation of life, something I want to express.

Do you snack? If so, what’s your favorite snack?

Oh my gosh, do I snack? I’m a crisp fiend! Family packs, Pringles, Walkers, Kettle chips, Quavers, Monster Munch, Tortilla chips… You name it, I get in!

What’s your favorite film ?

Matrix. Yes, the whole trilogy. I got it. I loved it. Favorite hands down!

Will you perform at Roehampton’s next summer ball?

Of course I will!!

Kingsley Olaleye Reuben
Kingsley Olaleye Reuben is an author who writes scripts, prose, poetry, and plays, journalistic stories and interviews, manages two blogs and is currently studying for a masters at Roehampton University, and working on his next book.You can contact Kingsley (also known as "The Bard") by email [email protected] or through NewsBlaze.