Hollywood’s Power Player – Bruce Edwin

The Hollywood Sentinel sat down and interviewed film producer, talent manager, and publisher Bruce Edwin, whose firm Starpower Management LLC is ranked as one of the top two and one half percent most powerful and influential management firms in the world.

Bruce Edwin represents two motion picture studios, numerous stars, has over fifty screen plays under option, and announced this year that he will be shooting the trailer to his first feature film early next year, which he is writing.

His powerful network includes many of Hollywood’s rich and famous, including direct domestic private equity sources of over one billion dollars among more.

An Exclusive Interview With Bruce Edwin, by The Hollywood Sentinel

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Bruce Edwin: I am an eternal, spiritual being controlling a mind and a body.

Hollywood Sentinel: Wow. What do you do?

Bruce Edwin: I am a multi-media artist; a writer, film producer, publisher, talent manager, and public relations manager. I am also a human rights activist. My additional art work includes conceptual, performance, pop, surrealist art, music, and fashion design, but film is at the forefront right now.

Hollywood Sentinel: When did you realize you wanted to be an artist and work in the entertainment industry?

Bruce Edwin: At age six I knew I wanted to be a writer and work in the movie business, after seeing ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and learning how to read at this age.

Hollywood Sentinel: Where did you come from and where did you begin your career?

Bruce Edwin: I grew up in Illinois and also Honolulu, Hawaii. Most of my teen years were spent near Chicago and most of my college years were spent in Chicago where I lived for about a decade. I began my career when I created subnormal magazine, a rock, film, and human rights magazine when I was twenty.

Hollywood Sentinel: Why should people want to work with you?

Bruce Edwin: I strive to be impeccable with my word, promise only what I can deliver, and deliver more than what I promise. I work incredibly hard and love what I do, and I know that the best way to get what I want is to help others get what they want.

Hollywood Sentinel: Why is film important to culture, assuming that you think it is?

Bruce Edwin: Film, that is motion picture – which includes television and now the Internet – can start or end wars. It can shape and mold viewpoints and opinions. It can lift up, entertain, and bring hope. Film is vital to culture, and culture would be far less advanced without it.

Hollywood Sentinel: What responsibility does the filmmaker have to society, if any?

Bruce Edwin: To tell the truth. Not all film has to be positive or uplifting or fact based, but if a filmmaker creates work and promotes that it is true when it is not, then that is the biggest problem one can commit as a filmmaker. Tell the truth, and be true to ones self. The second thing is, ideally, to improve the educational level or mood of a culture.

Hollywood Sentinel: What three people have had the most profound impact on your life and how so?

Bruce Edwin: My mother – who is an example of forgiveness, my father – who is an example of determination, and my grandmother – who is an example of love.

Hollywood Sentinel: What is your religion and philosophy any why?

Bruce Edwin: My religion, as my relationships, I hold so sacred and dear that I do not discuss them so as not to taint them with public opinion or judgement. Truth and help can be found in many religions around the world – both conventional and unconventional. I am a student of metaphysics, and of the spirit. My philosophy is to always be open to learn, to always seek the truth, to help others including ones’ self, and to follow ones true will and passion so long as it does not hurt any other living person or thing.

Hollywood Sentinel: What is your purpose as a human being on this planet?

Bruce Edwin: My purpose is three fold; with my work, to make films and other works of art that educate, give hope, and entertain, and to help fight for children that have suffered child abuse and child trafficking as well as help those who have suffered abuse at the hands of the psychiatric industry. My other two purposes are to further evolve as an enlightened spiritual being, and to help bring happiness and love to myself and to those that I love.

Hollywood Sentinel: How do you want to be be remembered?

Bruce Edwin: As an artist who helped many, and who helped make the world a much better place for being in it.

Hollywood Sentinel: Please share with us what you are working on now that you can talk about and anything else you may care to discuss.

Bruce Edwin: I manage a select number of great clients at my management company, www.StarpowerManagementLLC.com which has existed successfully for nearly a decade. I also publish an entertainment website that features only the good news, and is read by many stars, called www.TheHollywoodSentinel.com, and I provide A-list public relations management to select clients with my company Hollywood Sentinel Public Relations, whereby I help clients get their products or services presented directly to A-list stars among more. In addition to this, I am writing three screenplays which I will be co-producing over the next several years. I am also gradually writing a self help book on ‘How to Succeed In Hollywood.’ Lastly, I am planning the creation of a non-profit that will help missing, abused and exploited kids, as there is a need for this to exist in the specific manner I want done.

Hollywood Sentinel: How people can contact you?

Bruce Edwin: They can call my office at 310-226-7176, or they contact me through the front page of my website, www.TheHollywoodSentinel.com. For further information, they can also visit my site below.


Bruce Edwin: Thank you.