Grant Cardone – Why It Pays to Have Faith In Afterlife

When you want to be the best in a certain area, you will do well to look at those that have already done the best in that field. If you want to be a great actor for example, you may read a biography of Clint Eastwood. If you want to be a great model, you may read about Cindy Crawford. If you want to be a great leader, you may read about George Washington, or Abraham Lincoln. And if you want to be a great salesperson, you would do well to read about the man who has now been rated as America’s fastest growing sales leader, Grant Cardone.

Like the other greats of their field here mentioned, there is something unique about Grant Cardone. He is genuine. You’ve met I’m sure, people who will tell you anything they may think you want to hear, and give you a fake grin. Their kindness and friendliness leaves you feeling tricked, or lied to, they are so full of it. The thing about Grant Cardone is, sure he’s friendly, has a great smile, and can sell anything- in fact, he sold so much (real estate, his own computer software that he actually invented himself) that he is now worth over one hundred million dollars- but he is also real. When he speaks with you, he is present, giving you his full attention, and you can tell he actually cares.


I had the pleasure to talk with this self made mega millionaire, and now-New York Time’s Best Selling Author, for an exclusive interview that The Hollywood Sentinel has published across multiple issues. If you missed them, you should go now and read those first parts here first:

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I’ve interviewed hundreds of people, but I can honestly tell you that I feel the following, last segment of this interview with Grant Cardone you are about to read here below, is one of the most important interviews I have ever done. That is because it tells you the logical reason of why it is important to have faith. Even if your faith is only in yourself, you owe it to yourself to have the most of it. I am happy to bring you here the final part of our interview with Grant Cardone, who -whatever your level in life- you can learn a lot from.

Grant Cardone – Exclusive Interview, Part 6

Q. The Hollywood Sentinel: What would your advice be to actors and models in order to get more auditions and work?

A. Grant Cardone: I’ve never been invited to an audition, but I’ve been on probably thousands of them. The difference between me and someone that complains about not getting auditions, is nobody’s ever invited me – I create the audition, convince them to see me and then I audition. I literally built my first business from calling on hundreds of businesses, convinced them to stop doing whatever it was they were doing and allow me to present (audition) to their employees.

The actor who was invited to the audition (to present their product) and didn’t do well, so what? (…) Be grateful you were invited to an audition and get up again, wipe yourself off, and go do another one! And if you have to break the social norms, if you have to crash one like Julia Roberts did, if you have to be or do the unacceptable, and people are actually going to talk about you, and criticize you, and judge you, then you know what? At least they are talking about you, and I guarantee you that if you are willing to do that you are getting close to booking a job.

Q. Hollywood Sentinel: (Laughs), That’s great, I love that. Do you believe that when we are gone, do you think anything is beyond this life, do you think that we’re here, and that’s it, or do you think we will carry on in some way?

A. Grant Cardone: Wow what a transition- from auditions to immortality.

Hollywood Sentinel: (Laughs), I believe that how people function, either consciously or if they not consciously aware of it, is based largely upon their belief in what happens after death. So I think this is an important topic to know about oneself in order to be happy and succeed.

Grant Cardone: Well, I absolutely believe there is something after this life- this is what I would tell you. Everybody plans for tomorrow, but nobody knows for sure if they’re gonna’ get it. So I’m like then, whether you know there is something after this life why don’t you go ahead and plan on it?

So when people ask me like, “Hey, what do you think happens to you when you die?” I’m like, “Well, I like flowers a lot, OK? And impatiens for instance… if I plant impatiens, the flower, and they come in white, pink and all colors, and then I go out there in the winter time and I cut the head of it off, and just leave it in the ground, its coming back next year. Now, if a plant can come back, you know- well, maybe there’s a chance I get to come back too.” So, I am planning on the comeback. I’m not planning on the next 30 or 40 years of my life, I’m planning for the next 500, so when I make the decision to do something…see, if you think you’re going to die in 10 years, and I think I’m never going to die, basically me as a being- as a spiritual being- to continue on, I’m much less at risk than you are. I am willing to take much more risk than the person that is only concerned about the next few years.

Q. Hollywood Sentinel: How so?

A. Grant Cardone: Because you’re trying to protect the next 10 years, and I know I can’t die, you don’t want to be up against that guy.

Hollywood Sentinel: (Laughs)

Grant Cardone: Because when you’re in a fight with a guy that can’t get hurt, can’t die, you’re gonna’ lose. When you’re competing with a business person, or you’re going up for an audition, and you know for sure you cannot be eliminated, you will continue to survive, in your actions, your thoughts, your creativity, regardless of what happens in that audition, you know you cannot stop and you continue on? Man, I don’t want to compete with you, because you are one bad dude (…) in your posture, regardless of whether there is afterlife, or no afterlife, I want to approach it like you know? I’m coming back. So how I am going to take care of this planet right now, now while I’m here? How am I going to take care of my life? How am I going to take care of my family? I’m gonna’ survive, so how am I going to survive now? What risk would I take, if I knew there was no risk? And that is the value, for me to go after it, like, you know what? I don’t die here.

Hollywood Sentinel: I like that.

Grant Cardone: And you know what? It may be a place for people to get motivation.

Hollywood Sentinel: Yeah.

Grant Cardone: And Bruce I want to tell you how much I enjoyed doing each of these interviews with you. You ask great questions and you have really done a good job of duplicating exactly what I stated. Oh and by the way that one question you asked me in one of the earlier interviews is the one I liked best- remember the one about ‘the new world order,” and my answer was, before you worry about the new world order you should get your own world in order! Thanks again for having me here.

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