Garrett Godwin Interviews Dutty Devioso, Hip Hop Super Star

Dutty Devioso is being called an “in your face” artist with “Gritty Heartfelt Lyrics With a Class Tone,” with earning fans both here and Down Under in Australia. He was recently on Judyth Piazza’s The American Perspective at WTTB 1490 News Talk and The Student Operated Press (SOP)and he had time to answer a few questions via email:

Garrett Godwin: Why is your music called “Southern Rap with a twist”? Is it because you were born and raised in the South?

Dutty Devioso: Well, normally when you think of southern rap you think of booty shaking or chant based songs that just have a really nice beat but the rhymes are just okay, with the exception of a few artists. My music is more lyric based like an east coast artist, so you have nice tracks & nice lyrics as well giving it a “twist.”

Dutty Devioso

Dutty Devioso: The sound, as well as the topic matter has changed from year to year over the past few decades. Rap initially was about “having a voice,” when no one wanted to hear what you had to say. Over the years that “voice” has gotten louder and is now in sync with current events & the trials of the writer. If one would just sit back and listen to what these individuals are saying, they can get a real good grasp of how the world has changed over the years and if they are concerned enough, then they might think about how the quality of life will change if things keep going in the same direction. If they really care they may choose to do something about it.

Dutty Devioso: The very moment that I realized that I could really make a nice life for myself doing this. I’ve always wanted to get paid off of my brain and not my brawn, and this is the perfect opportunity for me.

Dutty Devioso: Music is therapeutic for me. It’s necessary for me to maintain my composure when life is testing me. It’s my perfect outlet. Instead of doing something that may jeopardize my health, life, or freedom, I can just put all of my anger & frustrations on paper and “exhale,” so to speak.

Dutty Devioso: Pray hard, trust in God and never let anyone take the wind out of your sails. Never give up! You can literally “will” yourself to do anything in life you wish. All you have to do is believe it is possible for yourself.

Dutty Devioso: I hope they like it of course to say the least, but if they had to “get something out of it,” I would hope that they listen to my lyrics and understand and are able to empathize. Sometimes if you put yourself in another individuals shoes, you just might change your outlook on particular things. Like, what’s really important in life….. Family, friends & love or money, cars & clothes & whores.

Dutty Devioso: Yeszir! And ready to mingle. Shiiiiiit, as a matter-of-fact, I’m taking applications right now. They can just message their resumes to my Myspace page & HR will get back with you, IF you have the right criteria. Lol!!!!

Dutty Devioso: Wow….that’s a hard but good question. For the most part, I’m a simple guy….I just want to be healthy & live my life to the fullest with no regrets. Having money will definitely change my life, but it won’t change my ideals or aspirations. I definitely aspire to be successful but my hopes & dreams are very simple. To live comfortably & not have any worries about how I’m going to do something very important like pay my rent or feed my family, when I start one.

Dutty Devioso: It’s been a pleasure. Thank you very much

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