Danny Boy Interview

GG: Tell us a little bit about your background

Danny Boy: What’s up, everybody? My name is Danny Boy, from the west side of Chicago. I was signed to Death Row in the mid 90s: the Snoop Dog, Dr. Dre era.

GG: Who are your musical influences?

Danny Boy: Stevie Wonder, Mint Condition, my aunt Delores, and of course, Pac.

GG: How does it feel to be a part of musical dynasty like Death Row Records?

Danny Boy: It was a great experience. We were doing the best videos. Throwing the best parties and living the best of life.

GG: Were you ever a part of the whole East Coast-West Coast feud?

Danny Boy: I was 16/17 years old. I was a part of the whole promotion, you know. I think the public and the media made it more than it was. We just did our thing, you know.

GG: Does the title of your CD has meaning to you – like It’s About Time that the world hears your music, not to mention Death Row once again, after all these years?

Danny Boy: What it means to me is people will be able to hear me and hear my music, music I spent a lot of time on; my vision. It explains what I was going through. WIDEawake made it possible for people to hear my music.

GG: We all heard the stories of the late 2pac and his run-ins with the media and the law. Who and what was 2pac to you when performing on All Eyez on Me and the Gridlock’d soundtrack?

Danny Boy: Pac was my friend. He was my teacher. He was my brother. I learned a lot from him.

GG: How did you take the news that 2pac passed away and what are your suggestions on his shooting?

Danny Boy: I went to the hospital and sat there and prayed. I never slept. I just sat there. That night, I left to get some sleep. I over slept I was woke up and was told Pac was gone. I lost a brother and a friend.

GG: Do you think that hip-hop and rap has a voice in 2010 – especially with the first African-American U.S. President, the economic recession, unemployment, job loss, education, politics, crime, corruption, the media, etc.?

Danny Boy: Definitely. I definitely do. Hip-Hop has always been made influential by our people. I love Hip-Hop.

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