Arts Express: Bosch, Brainwashing, Picasso, Mickey Mouse

Matthew Modine Talks ‘The Brainwashing Of My Dad’

Modine weighs in about this investigative documentary he co-produced and narrates. And referencing Glenn Beck, ditto-heads, staging brainwashed interventions, and radio drive time and the geography of destiny.

'The Brainwashing Of My Dad'
‘The Brainwashing Of My Dad’

Bosch And The Peasant Mind

A Continental Commemoration Of The Renaissance Artist’s Apocalyptic Religious Subversion On Canvas. Arts Express Paris Correspondent Dennis Broe on location at the massive exhibition in Holland. Probing the artist’s immersion in humans making sense of the world; medieval peasants caught in a vise between the church and nobility; Picasso potentially in danger of being turned into Mickey Mouse; and the spirit of Bosch possibly reacting against the commercialization of his work 500 years later.

bosch and the peasant mind
Bosch and the peasant mind


Theater Corner: Sugar Ray

Harlem playwright Laurence Holder and actor Reginald Wilson in a conversation about their new theatrical production. Focusing on the importance of Sugar Ray’s legacy linked to race and radio; Malcolm, Denzel Washington, Paul Robeson, W.E.B. Dubois, McCarthyism and Red Channels; and the challenges for Wilson of filling this sports legend’s larger than life shoes in a solo show. Chris Butters reports.

Tribeca Film Festival: Super Sex

Matthew Modine unveils his short feature debut at the Festival starring Ed Asner, and shares memories of working under Stanley Kubrick in Full Metal Jacket. Along with connections to Lillian Gish, Napoleon, Jane Fonda, poker, Eli Wallach, and the imagined power of women over men.

Poetry Corner: ‘Naked Romance And Then Some’

Poet Davida Singer in a fusion of jazz and spoken word performance, set to music by Santa Fe composer John Rangel. This video poem collage of multiple art forms explores coming to terms with ‘the disquieted and desensitized world’ today.

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