Arts Express: Jackie Robinson, Julie Delpy, Warhol, Trump

Playing Baseball While Black

Jackie Robinson, a new television documentary delving into the both triumphant and turbulent life and times of the 20th century sports legend. And humanizing an icon in a mix of courage with contradictions, in breaking the color barriers of the major leagues, while battling Jim Crow off the field. Including in 1944 – and prior to Rosa Parks, while a second lieutenant in the Army – Robinson’s arrest after he defied an order from a civilian bus driver to move to the back of a military bus. A conversation with Jackie Robinson director, Ken Burns [The Central Park Five].

Jackie Robinson at Bat

Jackie Robinson.

Julie Delpy Talks Lolo

The French actress turned filmmaker on her raw social satire tackling single motherhood, gender wars and generation gaps. Along with working as a child actor under Godard in her first movie, Detective, and trying out topless for authenticity in bedroom scene film collaborations with Ethan Hawke. And, what’s going down with the massive student and worker economic protests right now in France.


Broe On The World Beat

“Watching The Streets Speak, And Hearing The Streets Answered.” Arts Express Paris correspondent Professor Dennis Broe phones in to shed additional light on what exactly is fueling those economic crisis demonstrations across France, and why. And, what are Europeans saying about this strange US presidential election season playing out here right now. As for Trump, Euro-urban legend has it that “He started out as Napoleon, and he’s finishing as Berlusconi.”

Book Corner: Andy Warhol Was A Hoarder

Science and health reporter Claudia Kalb is on the line to Arts Express to examine and speculate about possible links between creative minds and mental afflictions. Probing mood disorders, depression, anxiety, hoarding, and addictions. And tortured genius hovering between brilliance and madness – more than romantic aberration? Touching on the lives of Darwin, Dostoevsky, Einstein and others.

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