Underground Bounty Hunter Combines Feature Film and Internet Game

Darryl J. Quarles, creator of Big Momma’s House and other Box Office Hits releases a new form of entertainment

Los Angeles (rushprnews) – As part of a creative team, Darryl Quarles a successful Hollywood screenwriter (see IMDB listing) with credits such as Big Momma’s House 1&2, Black Knights and other huge Box Office Hits has just completed filming and designing what has been coined a “CinemaVenture” Internet game aimed specifically at a youthful and inquisitive spirit in search of adventure and prizes to win. The launch of the Underground Bounty Hunter is scheduled for July 14th.

See the trailer at http://www.undergroundbountyhunter.com

UNDERGROUND BOUNTY HUNTER combines the cherished elements popularized in Reality television, films and videogames. However, unlike Reality TV where there are millions of applicants but few selected, with “CinemaVenture” every participant (referred to in the game as a Bounty Hunter) who succeeds at completing the tasks and being first at catching the wanted-villain will win big money. The result is a feature adventure film in which the players become actors in the hunt, therefore influencing the ending.

“We created a true-life adventure, what we call a “CinemaVenture” Internet game in which the participants create their own starring role, giving them the opportunity to win up to one million dollars in bounty money when successfully beating other competitors in the race to be number one in catching the “wanted-villain.” They can earn this money on their spare time from school. “And,” explained Quarles, “Since you have to be clever and show some creativity to win, it is also a great intellectual exercise.”

The participant determines when signing on to play the game, whether he wants to hunt a wanted-villain for a bounty ranging from $100,000 up to $1,000,000, with the understanding that he has to beat the competition and be first to catch the villain to get the bounty money. Participants will at times be required to search for clues, making the whole hunt that much more thrilling and challenging.

According to an article in the Financial Times (04/16/2006), videogames is a $39bn industry upping movie box-office sales and siphoning television viewers. The lucrative and increasingly influential genre has attracted more star power than ever. The “FT” goes on explaining how videogames developers’ fortunes are increasingly tied to another type of blockbuster – the kind that originates in Hollywood. Movie tie-ins dominate the games charts and riding on this wave, the creators of Underground Bounty Hunter have taken this trend even further, creating in effect a real feature film with live actors on real sets.

Again, Quarles explains, “Underground Bounty Hunter is not a videogame as traditionally understood. It is a feature Film where the viewers are active participant, at times having to go “on location” to solve clues, and affecting the outcome of the story. To win Big Money, the Underground Bounty Hunter simply requires an Internet connection, to be over 18, to pay the membership fee and to agree to the rules of the game.” Quarles concludes with an enthusiastic cry of “JOIN THE HUNT!”

It seems that after a long courtship, these two industries, films and videogames have become intertwined in a young marriage of convenience, under the common law of entertainment and thrills and that, one offspring will be this type of “CinemaVenture” as created by Quarles and his associates.

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Anne Howard
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