Take Down Osama bin Laden in a Video Game

A video game, launched shy of a week after United States Special Forces killed Osama bin Laden at his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, allows players/gamers to re-enact the circumstances that took down bin Laden.

KumaWar Episode 107- Osama 2011, the latest in a series of free online games based on anti-terror themes. The game gives players the chance to lead the team that took down bin Laden.

The game offers one variation on the actual mission, and it’s that the virtual Special Forces can suffer casualties.

“In forty minutes and a rain of hot lead, a decades-long, worldwide manhunt for Osama bin Laden will be ended… by you,” the web site of New York based Kuma Games, which released online the first person shooter over the weekend.

The company made the claim of realistically recreating the compound, weapons and mission objectives from bin Laden’s real-life take down based on news reports.

One screen shot on the game’s web site creates an image that the Obama administration hasn’t released, and that’s bin Laden’s corpse with a head wound.

“I think it might actually draw interest for young men and women to serve in the military,” Neil Livingstone, CEO of the corporate security firm ExecutiveAction. “The Army had its own video game at one point to draw young men and women into the service,” Livingstone added.