Warm Autumn Chicken Recipe!

Warm Autumn Chicken

Chicken to me is a staple in my diet. It is a very savory dish and one that must be made after being washed down by the downpour.

Ingredients and Equipment

-2-3 Chicken breasts halved so they’re thick and this should leave you with 6 mini fat thin fillets

-long stripes of fatty bacon, don’t remove the fat.

-Thick cream

-Dry or fresh Thyme

-White dry non fruity wine about a 30ml glass

– Jelly chicken stock, sliced in to tiny cubes before adding.


This is a first for me. Normally I use my pots and pans and could not be an issue but for this a heavy bottom wide cast iron enamel covered surface is needed

-Cast iron pan

-Wire hand wisk – this is needed when de-glazing.

-Place the pan on a high heat and leave to get hot

-Add the bacon and leave to cook and stain the pan is sweating and burning the surface, their is madness in my method.

-Remove the bacon while it melts and add the chicken. It will stick to the pan. Remove the chicken and ensure its cooked.

-Remove the chicken once browned and again add the bacon to get nice and seared off

-Now remove the Bacon and apply the wine this will create the sauce add the thyme, stock cube (again diced) and mix ensure the stock has melted, add more wine if need and warm through add the cream and leave to thicken

-Add the chicken and bacon. Turn in the sauce remove and add with Mashed potatoes and long green beans. You can use any excess sauce if needed.

If you have any left over chicken and bacon add to a salad or sandwhich. I always leave some left over for the next day and get about 100 questions as to what smells so good, true fact!

I hope you enjoy this meal. As always I’m on twitter if you have questions or need advice? or to give me ideas at @Stmischief

Until next time enjoy Autumn and don’t get too wet.

Keep safe!

Steven Latchum
Steven Latchum is an Irish foodie who really loves making, eating, reading and writing about food. He says food is so genuine he can have a conversation with his plate, almost like a first date every time. Contact Steven through NewsBlaze.