Up Close and Personal with Rocco ‘Boss Hog’ Loosbrock

Speaking today with Rocco from Bacon Freak. Hello Rocco, how did Bacon Freak begin?

Well, it’s kind of one of those dumb luck situations that you just stumble onto. I was on a business trip in Kentucky and so I, of course, want to go out for some breakfast to experience some of that real Southern Hospitality. Anyway, I ordered breakfast and when the waitress served it, I immediately noticed that the bacon was absolutely huge, all thick and plump and sticking way out of the breakfast sandwich that I ordered.

I simply had to comment to the waitress that I had never seen bacon this big anywhere in my travels. Her reply was, “Oh, you’re not from around here, are you? You’re one of them City Slicker, aren’t you?”

Anyway, she sat down next to me and introduced me to what has now become the love of my life, Country Bacon! I bought some for myself before I left and took it home and started sharing it with friends, relatives and colleagues. Everybody that tried it absolutely freaked (Thus the name: Bacon Freak was born) and they all insisted that I go back as soon as possible and get a bunch more.

Tell me a little about the business and what other companies you have, including the wine company?

We currently have a total of 11 wine clubs. Coastal Vineyards is a wine club that has focuses on California wineries in the Paso Robles and Santa Barbara Regions. We focus our efforts on finding you wines that have yet to be discovered. We believe that you should drink a wine not for the artistic label or fancy name or even worse the Wine Spectator rating, you should drink the wine because it was custom crafted by specialty winemakers opened, poured and enjoyed. That is why our tag line has become so popular, when we say you’ll be saying “I knew them when meaning we only feature wines that have yet to be discovered but they certainly will be.”

I understand that you have a new line of products; can you tell me about the new products and their availability?

Our newest club is the Lobster Club; Our Lobster of the Month Club is the perfect choice for anyone who appreciates the extraordinary flavor of premium, world-class lobsters. We only feature the best lobster tails from the Atlantic, Pacific and Australian Waters that only the very best top-rated restaurants around the world use!

Which is one of you best selling products?

Our bestselling club is the Bacon Freak bacon is meat candy bacon club. Bacon has become increasing popular so, whether you’re a recent bacon-vert or a well experienced Bacon-noisseur, if you’re looking for the very best, blue ribbon, country style bacon, then you’ve come to the right place! Only the most delectably delicious, small production, artisan style, specialty bacons are good enough to wear the “Bacon Freak” badge, respected worldwide for our uncompromising and meticulous commitment and pride for palate-pleasing perfection in premium pork products.

What other clubs do you offer?

We have the following clubs, (Wine, Bacon, Lobster, Ribs, Pork Chops, Steak, Ham, Sausage, Salsa, Jelly, Olive oil, Olives).

People are usually skeptical about what preservatives bacon is made with, what types of ingredients are used to make that fabulous pork belly?

What people try to avoid is sodium nitrate as this is a preservative. Several of the bacons we feature don’t have this preservative as we use a special curing method to avoid adding this. Be careful of places that claim they don’t use sodium nitrate “what they use is celery salt (which naturally contains sodium nitrate) but you don’t have to disclose that on the labeling.

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