Naked Restaurant ‘Bunyadi’ Making Big Hype in London

Waiting List Skyrocketing as Opening Date Approaches

The opening date is getting closer for the opening of a naked restaurant in London. Reports say it will open in June and the location is so far undisclosed. Yet, the waiting list reached 32,000 even though only 42 people can be accommodated by the intriguing restaurant.

The Bunyadi restaurant is getting popular and online reservations are pouring in.

News leaked that the Bunyadi restaurant, located in central London is to be divided into ‘clothed’ and ‘pure’ sections. The restaurant will be able to seat around 3,000 during the pop-up period.

Changing rooms, gowns and lockers will be provided, and photography is not allowed. Those who sit in the naked section will be offered lockers to put their clothes in as they change into their gowns.

Nude or Clothed Rooms, the Choice is Yours!

For those wanting to be liberal and clothes free, an area is allotted for this kind of customer. The shy ones can go for the clothed section.

Semi-nude staff will be assigned to serve customers.

However, selfies are a no no. Guests must leave their phones and cameras behind when entering the candlelit restaurant. So goodbye selfies for now!

Guests will be paying up to $95-a-head for food and drinks.

Seating at the restaurant will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis.

Naked Restaurant, Natural Theme

Vegan menu will be served at the naked restaurant.
Vegan menu will be served at the naked restaurant.

The restaurant aims to promote a natural environment and experience liberation. Thus, the restaurant and its kitchen will be run without electricity or gas.

It is expected some diners may opt to keep their robes on or go topless for the bolder ones. Customers will dine under a canopy of candlelight with a partition of bamboo and wicker. To keep up with the natural theme, seats are wood-hewn.

Customers can choose an array of vegan and a non-vegan menu items as well.

But whatever are the choices of the customers, the naked restaurant named ‘Bunyadi’ has sparked mystery and intrigue among soon-to-be diners.

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