Mozambique Steakhouse, Bar, and Lounge Provides An Extraordinary Experience

Laguna Beach is by far one of the most pristine places Southern Californians and tourists from around the world enjoy. The beautiful beaches and various restaurants, along with the art galleries, have enriched Laguna Beach as a place to retire.

In the past few years, I have enjoyed various restaurants throughout California, but never before have I found a restaurant like Mozambique Steakhouse, Bar, and Lounge. What’s unique about this destination is their ability to cater to large groups, who enjoy unique settings.

The first area, called the Durbin Room is somewhat like a speakeasy, where there’s a pianist or a jazz band providing music on the weekends. For the folks who enjoy bands and a club atmosphere, there’s the Shebeen Bar and the Shebeen Lounge which is somewhat like a backyard setting. In South Africa, there are many Shanty villages which have their own backyard bars.

Another area for groups is the Bono room, which is named for U2’s Bono. There is also the Garden Patio, where folks can bring their pouches. The most popular dining area is the Veranda Roof Top, overlooking the ocean. This area is complimented with heaters for colder nights, with unique table lights. Quite a romantic experience.

Mozambique is managed by John Meisse, a veteran in the restaurant field and Mauricio Montoya. It is owned by Ivan Spiers, an entrepreneur from South Africa, an excellent chef who has developed his own recipes, unique from other restaurants.

crowd watches Kenny Loggins with 133.
Crowd watches Kenny Loggins with 133. Photo: Mike Altishin.

Culinary Journey

The evening began with Mr. Meisse introducing me to Miranda, my waitress. I ordered a glass of Pinotage, a wine from South Africa, which is a cross between Pino Noir and a Cinsault.

I was then offered Peri-Peri Prawns, which are 4 wood-grilled prawns, with the shell on, grilled on a six-foot grill, then served with fruit salsa and Peri Peri sauce. With a tantalizing taste, the main entree was a Seafood Curry dish, consisting of steamed shrimp, compliments lobster, scallops, and calamari curried in a vegetable bouillion, with Mozambique basmati rice and sambals. The combination of seafood and basmati rice mixed with the curry was outstanding.

When combined with a Sambals, a side compliments the palate, the ingredients are mouth-watering. The dish includes apricot fruit chutney and yogurt with cucumber, diced tomatoes, coconut and a couple of slices of banana.

peri peri prawns and wine daylight veranda.
Peri Peri prawns and wine on the veranda.


Famous for their dessert, Mozambique serves a Hazelnut bread pudding, with macadamia nuts, Amarillo fruit liqueur, walnuts in a bilberry sauce. Desserts such as these receive rave reviews.

Mozambique is located at 1704 S. Coast Highway in Laguna Beach. For reservations, groups or functions, call (949) 715-7101. Hours of operation are 11am to 10 pm Monday through Thursday and 11am to Midnight on Friday and Saturday. Sunday is 10 am to 10 pm.

Celebrity Scene News awards five stars to Mozambique Steakhouse, Bar, and Lounge.

boma room big party with lights.
Boma Room big party with lights.
John Meisse, the GM of Mozambique with Pete Allman.
John Meisse, GM of Mozambique with Pete Allman.
parrot on sign.
Parrot on sign.
Mozambique filet and lobster.
Mozambique filet and lobster.
Shebeen room sunset.
Shebeen room sunset.
garden patio.
The garden patio.
Kenny Loggins at mozambique.
Kenny Loggins at Mozambique. Photo: Mike Altishin.
Mozambique Durban Room.
Mozambique Durban Room.
Mozambique PDR Board Room.
Mozambique PDR Board Room.
Mozambique Shebeen Lounge.
Mozambique Shebeen Lounge.
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