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Mexico, one of the wonderful places to visit , has a long tradition of tamales, burritos, and lots of beans, with various dishes such as Chile Relleno. On this particular occasion, at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza, where Mexicano is located, Chef Ramiro Arvizu greeted actor Sy Richardson of “Repo Man,” fame and myself for an extraordinary culinary journey.

Chef Ramiro, a James Beard Award Winning Chef knows where of he speaks on Mexican cuisine. There is always a combination of chiles and spices used in creating dishes from Mexico. Perhaps Chef Ramiro, whose partner is Jaime Martin De Campo, explains it best, referring to Mexican cuisine as a variety of salsas created from a unique amalgamation of chiles and spices that both brighten a dish.

On this evening we enjoyed some Taquitos Guacamole Traditional, and an Enchiladas 3 Moles dish that was out of this world in taste. Chef Ramiro prepared a blend of ground meat, walnut, nuts, cocoa beans, fruit with red pepsin and green mole. This was stuffed inside a fresh roasted enchilada, which was then covered with green mole, dressed with pomegranate seeds.

green mole, dressed with pomegranate seeds.
Green mole, dressed with pomegranate seeds.

Sy Richardson called it “a fantastic dish.” Sy has 109 movie credits, and he has eaten in many places, so it was great to hear him say that. It’s no surprise that both Chefs Jaime and Ramiro have been judges on Top Chef Estrellas and been written up in La Opinion, Americas largest Spanish newspaper.


Flan Tres Quesos, a three cheese flan, Mini Churros and Flan, Fried Plantains topped with pecan cream sauce are very popular.

flan tres quesos.
Flan Tres Quesos


Mexicano serves some delightful drinks that will set the dining journey at ease. Most popular are Mexican Passion, Wild Berry Mojito, Margarita Mule, Whiskey Sour, and Midori Sour. For non drinkers there’s hand squeezed Lemonade with Chia Seeds and Watermelon, including Horchata, a rice drink popular with Mexican cuisine.

Mexicano cocktail
Mexicano cocktail

Mexicano is located in the Baldwin Crenshaw Hills Mall at 3650 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Hours of operation are 11:30 am to 11:00 pm, on Tuesday through Thursday, Friday 4:00 pm through 11:00 pm, and on Sunday 11:30 am to 11:00 pm. for catering and reservations call 323-296-0798;

Celebrity Scene News awards 4 stars to Mexicano for its enticing cuisine.


taquitos guacamole traditional
Taquitos Guacamole Traditional
Chef Ramiro Arvizu greets actor Sy Richardson and Pete Allman
Chef Ramiro Arvizu greets actor Sy Richardson and Pete Allman

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