Leonetti and Rispoli’s My Mothers House Italian Restaurant Brings Back Old Vegas

With the New Year here, there’s so much to reflect on, especially restaurants that serve delicious cuisine in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New Mexico, and even Uzbekistan. I’ve traveled to all those wonderful places, and enjoyed the diversified cultures.

Today however, I have never, ever experienced a culinary experience where the host greets everyone, sings to them with an award winning band, and prepares his own cuisine.

That’s the way Executive Chef Michael Leonetti plans each day, with his partner, Laura Rispoli, who runs the business operations, and also greets the people. When asked why Chef Mike called the restaurant My Mothers House, he said it was all about family and his mother’s and grandmother’s recipes.

Culinary Journey

The Christmas special, “The Jerry Lewis Hanukkah,” consisted of brisket, broccoli, salad, matzo ball soup, champagne and a choice of ice cream. Excellent taste and very healthy.

For those who enjoy the Italian tradition Chef Mike prepared the “Feast of the Seven Fishes,” which was an incredible experience for me. This is a 10 course meal prepared with Aunt Theresa’s stuffed tomato with crab and homemade sauces. It includes baklava salad, stuffed calamari, shrimp scampi, mussels marinara, linguini white clam with white clam sauce, neapolitan snow crab, and an array of seven deserts.

stuffed tomato with crab.
Stuffed tomato with crab

What a delight to fill the tummies of people who drive as far as 30 miles.

Entertainer Mike Leonetti

Mike Leonetti helped make Las Vegas the “Live Entertainment Capitol of the World.” As a man who has been through many challenges, many of which have been unfair, he returned to Las Vegas bigger and better. Entertaining dignitaries and politicians, Leonetti gives thanks every day.

mike leonetti singing.
Mike Leonetti singing

So how does one handle diversity and stress, and become one of the most successful businesses in Nevada? According to Leonetti and Laura Rispoli, it is their faith in God as their guiding force that has brought success to them.

“God has been the force that saved my life and brought us to where we are now,” say Leonetti and Rispoli. Dressed New York style, always with a smile, Mr. Leonetti does it his way.

“We bring our patrons Vegas the way it was in the old days, where people were addressed by their name,” Leonetti says.

That he does, singing such songs as “Way Marie,” “You Made Me Love You,” and the Louie Prima Medleys. What better way to entertain with an award winning band, the Chad Michaels band, with Janice Sands.

Great cuisine, with family recipes, great entertainment, and loving hosts. No wonder My Mother’s House had 7000 people dine in two months.

my mothers house restaurant.
My Mother’s House Restaurant

In the final essence of Mike Leonetti’s advice for success, he states, “three things a person must have for success: the content of his character, the integrity a person holds for another individual, and most important is the compassion one person feels for another.”

My Mother’s House Italian Restaurant is located in Summerlin / Sun City at 9320 Sun City Boulevard. Hours of operation are 2 pm -9 pm Monday-Sunday. Reservations are suggested by calling 702-998-2820.

Celebrity Scene News awards My Mothers House Italian Restaurant 5 stars for authentic Italian recipes, personalized service and terrific entertainment.

patio at my mothers house.
Patio at My Mothers House
laura rispoli and mike leonetti.
Laura Rispoli and Mike Leonetti
banquet style seating.
Banquet style seating
amazing salad.
Amazing salad
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